The Best Towable Boat Tubes for Summer Fun

best towable boat tubes
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Towable tubes can be a good way to remember the simpler things in life. If you have ever spent time at a lake, we are pretty sure that you have either seen someone using one or may have been that person on one. The best and worse thing about towable tubes is that they offer a thrilling ride. On the other hand, it can give you that same dip in your stomach that you would experience on a roller coaster, and that means you want to be careful. In other words, no amateur stunts and please wear a life jacket. We know that it may seem like harmless fun but it is pretty easy to become disoriented if you get thrown from your tube. So always remember safety first.

But if you do plan and give one a try, apply your sunscreen and check out our list of some of the best towable boat tubes below.


1. Airhead Slice Inflatable Double Rider Towable Tube

The Airhead Slice Inflatable Double Rider Towable Tube was designed for up to two riders. It comes equipped with a Kwik-Connect tow point, for the ease of hooking it up to water craft. It is made with heavy-duty PVC that is  low profile deck so that you can get in and out easily.

Airhead Slice Inflatable Double Rider Towable Tube, Best Towable Tubes Image Courtesy of Target

2. SportsStuff Inflatable Big Mable

The SportsStuff Inflatable Big Mable, which is made for two, is designed for comfort. It has a backrest and air-cushioned side walls and features dual tow points at front and back, and multiple grab handles with knuckle guards that should help you to hang on when things get bumpy.

SportsStuff Inflatable Big Mable, Best towable tubes Image courtesy of Target


3. Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Triple Rider

Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Triple Rider is created with neoprene seat pads for up to three riders. There are three 30-gauge vinyl air chambers and a heavy-gauge PVC bladder with RF welded seams. Plus it has a double-stitched full nylon cover.

Airhead HD-3 Hot Dog Triple Rider, Best towable tubes Image courtesy of Target


4. Rave Sports Blade 54

The single rider Rave Sports blade 54 is around  48 ”x 16” when inflated. It is made with heavy-duty PVC, has 4-nylon covered handles with neoprene knuckle guards, plus a neoprene chafe guard for your legs which is great because no one wants irritated legs. 

Rave Sports Blade 54, Best towable Tubes Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Airhead Patriot Towable Tube

If you are planning on heading out as a threesome, the Airhead Patriot Towable Tube is made to help you glide across the water in two different ways by connecting to your ski rope from the back or front. There is a padded backrest or you can use it in the kneeling position. It also has a quick-connect link and the always-needed knuckle guards.

Airhead Patriot Towable Tube, Best towable tubes Image courtesy of Target

6. WOW Watersports 2-Person Cyclone Spinner

The WOW Watersports is listed with a sizeable deep center cockpit that fits up to two people. You are able to enjoy the ride from its stainless-steel ball bearing 360-degree tow point at its center. You can tow the tube traditionally from a fixed tow point at the front, or you can haul it at the bottom.

WOW Watersports 2-Person Cyclone Spinner, Bests towable tubes Image courtesy of Target


7. Sportsstuff Big Bertha 

This Sportsstuff Big Bertha 76 inch towable tube is designed with an air-cushioned floor, foam handles, padded knuckle guards and a quick connect tow system for hauling up to four riders. There are padded handles for comfort as well as a k80 PVC bladder and a double stitch partial cover to ensure its strength.

Sportsstuff Big Bertha, Best towable Tubes Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Telesport Inflatable Towable Tube 

The Telesport Inflatable Towable Tube is designed to accommodate up to three riders with a 510 lbs capacity. The seating areas are deep and sectioned off for comfort and offer a high backrest riser. It is made of nylon and with PVC bladders and valves for speedy inflation and deflation. Additionally, it features double webbing foam handles with neoprene knuckle guards and a molded tow connector.

Telesport Inflatable Towable Tube, Best towable tubes Image Courtesy of Amazon

9. WOW World of Watersports Air Pumps for Inflatables

In order to inflate your towable tube, it is best to buy an air pump. And Wow, which also makes towable tubes, makes an air pump specifically for inflatables such as tubes, lounges, islands and air beds. It has a 12 ft. power cord, inflation and deflation hookups and offers a 3.0 psi high-pressure pump.

WOW World of Watersports Air Pumps for Inflatables, best towable tubes Image courtesy Amazon

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