Velocio Cycling Apparel: How to Wear and Ride Sustainably

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Courtesy of Velocio

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Velocio cycling apparel came onto the scene in recent years by marketing themselves as economically responsible, sustainable and fashion-forward with new, innovative designs meant to catch your eye as much as they are comfortable for longer rides. You haven’t heard of it? Cycling has been in a boom season since the COVID-19 pandemic turned people away from public transport and onto the streets via bicycle. More niche brands such as Velocio continue to draw public awareness, reaching commuters and everyday cyclists alike for comfortable products.

Velocio’s desire to impact the environment as little as possible makes it a respected brand. Not only is it one of the few cycling companies committed to donating 1% of its revenue to environmental causes, but the brand is using more and more eco-friendly materials for every collection. The spring and summer collection of bike jerseys uses 100% recycled polyester from ocean trash or natural fiber materials. Moving forward, it is planning to expand these materials into the entire collection of bibs, tights and the fall and winter collection (though the Signature and Foundation collections already use recycled fabrics). Lastly, every supplier Velocio partners with it either BlueSign certified or OEKO-TEX certified — or both.

In this review, we’ll look at a complete kit by Velocio, and break down layer by layer the components of its shorts and jerseys, its performance value, everyday quality and usability, its user-friendly accessibility, and the biodegradable materials used in packaging. Why buy cheaper cycling apparel that will wear out after only one season of use when you can invest in a quality brand that will last you so much longer? Check out our review below of the products and consider ordering a pair of shorts or a new fall jersey made from merino wool for your next ride on a leaf-peeping road.

1. Velocio Men’s Lightweight Bib Short

Velocio’s cycling apparel is as smooth as butter when riding and doesn’t chafe a bit. Its bibs (or padded shorts) are incredibly lightweight and cling to your skin for complete aerodynamic performance. The men’s lightweight bibs have the perfect ratio of chamois to the level of material elsewhere on the bibs. While riding, the inner seam doesn’t chafe against your stomach as other cycling brands might. The chamois uses a hybrid cell system with Ischial inserts for anti-vibration, an anatomic cup that is pre-shaped to provide relief that is also flexible. Additionally, the chamois material also has a quick-drying function, so your sweat doesn’t leave you uncomfortable on a longer ride.

When you’re in the market for new padded shorts, the chamois may be an integral part of the decision-making process, as well as the price. If you’re a casual cyclist, these shorts will make your commute so much more comfortable and fluid; if you’re a racer, these bibs will leave you satisfied with their high-performance quality. No matter what type of cycling you do, these shorts will benefit you on and off the bike.

Velocio Men's Lightweight Bib Short Courtesy of Velocio


2. Men’s Celestial Ultralight Jersey

Cycling jerseys can be very beneficial for anyone on a bike, especially if they’re commuting through the city and don’t want to wear a heavy backpack or drag a bag along on their handlebars. Jerseys are the solution to all of your problems because they have three pockets on the back, designed to hold small and large items, from keys to water bottles to sandwiches. The Veolcio Celestial jersey is a fun, albeit subtle, print that wicks away sweat immediately. It fits snugly enough to keep you aerodynamic, with enough room for our more broad-shouldered friends. If you’ve had trouble finding the right medium size because of your pecs, look no further than Velocio.

Men's Celestial Ultralight Jersey Courtesy of Velocio


3. Men’s Concept Merino Wool Long Sleeve Jersey

Merino wool in jersey form has to be the best idea ever implemented. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it the only versatile jersey material on the market, and the Velocio long sleeve jersey has it and will keep you toasty in the upcoming colder months. Thanks to its thin feel, this jersey slips on easily and can be worn comfortably for a long ride or a short ride. The long sleeves are a bonus as the weather begins to cool off, so grab this jersey for all your upcoming fall rides.

Men's Concept Merino Wool Long Sleeve Jersey Courtesy of Velocio


4. Luxe Glove

If you get sweaty palms during the summer but can’t stand full gloves in the fall or spring, the Luxe glove is a great in-between item. With the fingertips cut off, these gloves let you grip the handlebars without slippage on a hot summer day but still let your hands breathe. In the cooler months, your hands will remain covered enough to be warm, but the breathability of the fingertips will allow you to relax as you ride off into the distance.

Luxe Glove Courtesy of Velocio


5. Men’s Ultralight Jacket

The jacket you’ve always wanted has arrived: slim-fitting yet breathable; this is a versatile piece for cooler months when a pre-dawn ride beckons or a ride through the mountains hits an unexpected chill. Don’t suffer from the cold. Instead, bring a packable, lightweight jacket that can be easily rolled up and stored in one of your jersey’s back pockets. Made from windproof Japanese milled Pertex Quantum Air and veiled mesh panels for extra flexibility, this jacket will keep you warm on a cold descent. This type of jacket is also great for commuting, as it is ultra-lightweight and is easy to take with you just about anywhere. If you’re tired of commuting in your parka during the off-season, consider investing in the ultralight jacket. It comes in a wide variety of bright colors and sizes.

Men's Ultralight Jacket Courtesy of Velocio