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Review: Vice Golf Balls Make Bespoke Play Affordable for the Average Golfer

Though well-established by now in the sports world, Vice still represents somewhat of a rebel force in the golf ball business. The likes of Titleist, TaylorMade, Callaway and their ilk are long since established as stalwarts among the world’s best golf balls. Yet Vice Golf Balls aimed its sights on these giants and has quickly — at least, in golf years — become a popular alternative to these elites. With an identity built on youth and rebellion, Vice is attracting golfers at a variety of skill levels.

Relying primarily on a mail-order business model, Vice reaches its customers online, and you may have seen their ads on Instagram. Because Vice doesn’t rely on pro shops and sporting goods stores, the brand offers a variety of designs, colors and personalization options that are easily reviewable and selectable. That means a detail-oriented player can tee off with a golf ball totally unique on planet Earth.

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Vice Golf

Available with varying core designs and coverings, Vice Golf Balls wants to appeal to every player from high to low handicappers, whether he or she is looking for distance, spin or soft landings. Available varieties include Drive for beginners, Pro, Pro Soft and Pro Plus for advanced players, and Vice Tour for all ability levels. In most cases, Vice creations come in white, lime and red.


What We Love About Vice Golf Balls

If they wished, the designers behind Vice Golf Balls could’ve relied on the gimmickry of their extensive personalization and color options throughout their line. Instead, the company made sure to employ cutting edge materials and multilayered designs to make a truly high quality golf ball.

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The Vice Pro Plus stands at the top of the trim line with its four-piece construction, while the beginner-level Drive opts for two-piece assembly. Regardless, each product level offers materials to rival any golf ball brand.

Most Unique Feature: Personalization

When Vice Golf balls debuted in 2012, they promoted their arrival on the scene by sending journalists a dozen balls printed with the scribes’ names. It was an effective, if indulgent, way to demonstrate that Vice wants to make any player’s golf balls less of a mere more sporting goods necessity and more of a personal statement.

Vice’s personalization offerings allow a golfer to stamp everything from a name to a number to a logo on every ball. Finally, Vice has a deal in place with the NBA to place the logo of a favorite team on any of its products.
vice golf balls review

What We Didn’t Like About Vice Golf Balls

There’s not much to turn the buyer away here, which isn’t an easy thing for a reviewer to admit. The Vice designs are in tune with modern golf tech, and the manufacturing doesn’t skimp on the right materials. The price range will save you money compared to bigger-name options. When you can order a dozen great Vice golf balls for only $11, how can anybody resist?

If there’s any drawback to be found playing Vice, it might be the need to explain to other players why a given golfer doesn’t play a more classic brand. But, as far as drawbacks go, even that’s a bit of a stretch.

The Verdict:

The Vice Golf Balls buyer comes away with a technologically honed, competently made and affordable product that will hold up well on the course. The variety chosen and the amount spent should depend entirely on the quality of the player’s individual game.

But if you’re looking for the best golf balls, this upstart deserves to be considered along with the greats.

Where To Buy Vice Golf Balls Online

Now well known in the game, Vice Golf Balls are available for order everywhere from Amazon to Target to Walmart. Still, to get the quickest and clearest access to all of the Vice Golf Ball options, it might be best to head to the company’s official online store. Also, Vice’s extensive personalization options are accessed directly through their website.

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Vice Golf

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