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You Can Fit 70 Survival Tools Into This Tiny, Indestructible Camping Adventure Kit

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Whether or not you were ever a Boy Scout, you should take their motto to heart when you go camping: Be Prepared. Camping is awesome, but exploring the wilderness can be fraught with peril like bugs, blisters, bears, and blizzards — and those are just the hazards that start with the letter “B.”

But now you can be prepared for almost anything, and without overpacking and lugging tons of unnecessary gear into the wild. The VSSL Compact Adventure Kit packs over 70 essential outdoor tools into one ingenious, easy-to-carry cylinder.

The creators of VSSL Camp Gear got their inspiration while camping in northern Canada, where the right equipment is absolutely essential. As youngsters, they wanted to be prepared but not overpacked. They got the idea for the multi-tool cylinder from a Maglite flashlight.

The standard Compact Adventure Kit is virtually indestructible, made from military-grade aluminum. VSSL Camp Gear also made their adventure kit waterproof to keep all of the important contents dry. At just 9 inches long with a 2-inch diameter, and weighing in at just under a pound, it’s completely portable even for the longest hikes or treks.

What exactly did they fit inside this compact, cylindrical package? Start at the top (literally) with the cap, a precision compass reliable from 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Or start at the bottom with the end cap, a 200-lumens waterproof LED light with up to 40 hours of burn time and four lighting modes: bright, dim, red, and SOS.

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Courtesy VSSL Gear

In between, there is an astounding amount of outdoor gear that could save your life in case of disaster. There’s also a mini first-aid kit for minor injuries; a firestarter kit including 10 waterproof matches; 25 feet of marine-grade rope with a razor to cut it to the length you need; a fishing kit with 6 hooks, 3 worms, bobber, and 35 feet of line; a pure Canadian beeswax candle with four hours of burn time; a wire saw with 60 pounds of working strength to cut firewood; a water purification kit; adventure tape to repair gear or mark trails; a 12×20 bamboo cloth; and a miscellaneous disc with sewing kit, whistle, gear hooks, and can opener.

And hat’s just what comes standard. All VSSL outdoor gear is modular and completely customizable. Visit their website and you will find options galore to build your own camping kit, from zip ties and drinking dice games (hey, camping is supposed to be fun) to empty tins that you can fill with anything you want to bring out into the field.

The kit comes in silver or black, and VSSL is so certain of the indestructibility of the Compact Adventure Kit (and so sure you will find it an indispensable part of your outdoor supplies) that they back it up with a lifetime warranty. Odds are, you won’t need the warranty, but you may need at least one of the contents of this incredible multi-tool in a pinch.