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Camp in Comfort with One of the Best Wearable Sleeping Bags

Some of the most eureka moments in product design come from simple adaptations of existing items. In 1928, the first loaf of sliced bread was sold. In 1958, the military was the first to begin using flat-screen TVs, and in 2021, you can now wear your sleeping bag. You might already have some fond camping memories of times when you’ve more or less managed to wear your current cocoon. But, imagine if your sleeping bag actually had arm and leg holes. That’s right, you need to get yourself one of the best wearable sleeping bags before your next camping trip

A wearable sleeping bag is preferable to a standard design for the following reasons:

Movement – Completing a one-man sack race to go from tent to toilet in your standard sleeping bag is not ideal. Being able to freely walk and use your hands while keeping your arms warm is a major benefit of a wearable sleeping bag. 

Coverage – Humanoid-style wearable sleeping bags ensure every part of your skin, including the inside of your legs, is covered, unlike standard sleeping bags. Many designs also offer optional booties which surround your full foot and can be zipped on or off. If the idea of a full-body wearable sleeping bag makes you feel a little claustrophobic, consider a less restrictive version. They’ll keep your top half toasty while allowing your arms to move.

If you enjoy spending time outside or have an outdoor adventure planned, then a wearable sleeping bag is a great investment. We’ve rounded up eight of the best designs available to order online. Some designs feature full arms and leg attachments, whereas others simply offer a zip through which you can poke your limbs. But, they all offer an improved level of movement and coverage to standard designs.

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1. Hygger Wearable Sleeping Bag


The soft shell exterior of the Hygger Wearable Sleeping Bag is made of micro nylon and paired with a taffeta lining inside to keep you comfortable. Taking its brand name from the Danish word for coziness, you can rest assured you’ll be snug inside this bag. Furthermore, this wearable sleeping bag has removable booties to provide optional freedom for your feet as well as zippered legs for further ventilation.

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2. Sportneer Sleeping Bag


With shoulder zippers on both sides as well as a zipper at the bottom, the Sportneer Sleeping bag offers a full-body wrap of comfort and warmth, and the option to have your hands and feet out of the bag, too. Inside the bag, you’ll find a small storage pocket that’s well-sized for your valuables, such as your phone, keys and wallet. Measuring 85 by 22 inches when laid out and able to squeeze down into the included compression bag at only 9.5 by 15.7 inches, this wearable sleeping bag is generously sized when in use and a lightweight easy-to-carry travel item, too.

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3. LFS Wearable Sleeping Bag


Adopting the shape of a classic mummy-style sleeping bag, the LFS Wearable Sleeping Bag is larger at the shoulders and has a narrower width at the feet. By following the shape of your body, this wearable sleeping bag wraps against your body closer than other styles. Plus, the size of the face hole can be adjusted to be tighter in order to keep you extra insulated or looser to sling back as a hood if you don’t need your head to be kept as warm.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Gaorui Wearable Sleeping Bag


Two cute ears, some cream-colored patches and paws make this bear-style Gaorui Wearable Sleeping Bag a fun way to keep warm and cozy. Both arm and leg sections feature zippers at the hands and feet to allow for easy walking and typing. Made with a waterproof polyester material and filled with air cotton for warmth, this wearable sleeping bag allows you to be a bear in the woods come rain or shine.

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5. Kijaro Versatile Sleeping Bag


Not only can you wear the Kijaro Versatile Sleeping Bag, but you can also use it as a hammock, a blanket and a shade canopy, too. The multiway design allows you to easily configure this genius bag to suit your desired use for it at the time. Made with nylon for a soft and durable finish, you’ll be comfortable and warm whichever setup you opt for. Additionally, this wearable sleeping bag packs down into a handy, carrying pouch.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


6. VINSONMASSIF Wearable Sleeping Bag


The jacket-inspired design of the VINSONMASSIF Wearable Sleeping Bag makes it both fashionable and functional. The long zipper running down the middle of the chest allows you to open it up for ventilation when you’re hot and completely close when you’re chilly. It also features a larger zipper at the bottom to allow your feet to poke out when you’re on the move or hot and to be zipped inside when you’re sleeping or cold. To complete the hoody-like look, there are toggles that hang on either side of the hood and can be used to tighten the face opening.

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Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Poler Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag


Stay warm in style with the Poler Napsack Wearable Sleeping Bag. Featuring two zippers on the shoulders and one larger opening at the bottom, you can open and close multiple areas of this cocoon to suit the comfort and temperature of your arms and legs. The reversible design showcases sea life-inspired illustrations in an inverted cream and aqua color combination on either side.

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Image courtesy of Poler


8. Selk’bag Nomad Wearable Sleeping Bag


For a top-quality eco-friendly option, choose the Selk’bag Nomad Wearable Sleeping Bag. It’s made from 100% post-consumer recycled material fibers, 65 plastic bottles per bag. Available in sizes small to extra large and completed to a weather-resistant standard, this bag is a great choice for most adults in most conditions. It also features a kangaroo pouch for hand warmth as well as a built-in balaclava to protect your face against the wind and cold.

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Image courtesy of Selk'bag


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