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Greet Winter with a Firm Handshake and Some Durable Gloves for Work and Play

Gloves are not a one-size-fits-all product, and that includes style and size. Making sure you purchase a pair of gloves that are not only appropriate for your activity level but also fit properly is key to keeping your hands warm when the weather dips. Since our hands are warmed by our body heat, if our gloves are too big, that means our body needs to produce more heat to fill the empty air. On especially cold days, our bodies can’t maintain the high energy level needed to heat the empty space in our gloves, which leads to cold fingers.

Keeping your hands warm during the when it’s cold out is not only important for your comfort level, but also for safety. Frostbite can occur in minutes even when wearing gloves. Using additional items like hand warmers and a warm vest to keep your core temperature high are excellent ideas. But wearing gloves that are properly fitted and suitable for your outdoor activities are also essential steps.

Whether you’re preparing to spend early mornings shoveling snow, keep up with your outdoor running routine, or want warm hands while still looking fashionable on a business trip, we’ve found the best gloves for keeping your fingers from freezing.

1. Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Keep your hands warm and agile even when working outdoors in cold climates with the Carhartt Men’s W.P. Waterproof Insulated Glove. Made with a durable Polytex shell and featuring a Dri-Max waterproof insert, these gloves by Carhartt are ideal for working in cold weather, from shoveling snow to cutting wood for the fireplace. The glove has a reinforced polyurethane palm, a wrist strap and a fleece cuff to doubly protect against the wind.

Pros: The gloves are comfortable enough to wear all day thanks to their Force® antimicrobial and moisture-wicking inner lining that keeps hands dry even while you’re working.

Cons: The gloves are on the bulky side and don’t have touchscreen abilities.

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2. ELMA Luxury Men’s Winter Leather Dress Gloves

Answer calls, send texts and emails and use your phone as normal without removing your gloves thanks to the ELMA Luxury Men’s Winter Leather Dress Gloves, which keep your hands warm and functional, thanks to their touchscreen abilities. Using Nanotechnology and precision touch point control, your screen will respond as normal to your hands while wearing these ELMA gloves.

Pros: The gloves have a 100% cashmere lining for a warm high end feel and finish.

Cons: The gloves aren’t waterproof and aren’t ideal for shoveling or winter sports like skiing or sledding.

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3. Achiou Knit Gloves

Access your phone without taking off your gloves thanks to the Achiou Knit Gloves. Featuring touch sensitivity on the forefinger, middle finger and thumb, the gloves allow users to access their touchscreen devices while also providing a non-slip palm that is ideal for holding your phone or driving.

Pros: Available in six colors, the Achiou are our preferred choice for cold weather workout gloves. Lightweight and breathable, the unisex gloves fit snugly and feature a brushed design that keeps hands warm.

Cons: The Achiou aren’t as warm as the first two pairs of gloves and unlike the ELMA, only part of the glove can be used on a touchscreen.

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