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Meet YETI’s Gear Garage: The Only Way to Shop YETI This Black Friday

Starting today, November 22 and lasting until Monday, November 28, YETI has opened what they’re calling its Gear Garage — the only way to shop YETI products during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

This year, some of the best YETI gifts come as options either never before seen by the general public or items released years ago that the brand has discontinued. For this limited event, buyers will be able to find fan favorites, rare gear and seasonal colors that are all otherwise impossible to find. New drops will release day after day, so what you see today will be different from what you see tomorrow.

YETI’s all-new Ice Scoop available during YETI’s Gear Garage event. Courtesy of YETI

Because the Gear Garage includes solely previously released and unreleased products, everything currently available is limited. That means, yes, these dates are the only time you will be able to snag these items. And, because supply is limited, the longer you wait, the less likely you’ll be able to get in on these second-chance offerings.

Here at SPY, we’re practically obsessed with YETI. We wholeheartedly believe they make the world’s best coolers, meaning the brand’s long line of products is also some of the best Christmas gifts on the planet. From backpack coolers to tumblers to water jugs and more, there’s something for every YETI lover in the Gear Garage.

Two previously-released YETI products available during the YETI Gear Garage event. Courtesy of YETI

Don’t wait any longer, check out what’s available during the Gear Garage event during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and be sure to check daily for new drops from YETI. Who knows, your favorite past product might be re-released tomorrow.

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