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YETI’s New Rambler Beverage Bucket Is Built for Shamelessly Drinking Wine Outside

Today, April 20, YETI has launched a new insulated must-have designed to transform the way folks slug back brews this summer. Introducing: the YETI Rambler Beverage Bucket.

This is a first for YETI, otherwise considered one of the world’s leading brands in cooler insulation. Known typically for wheeled coolers, backpack coolers and insulated tumblers, the Rambler Beverage Bucket stands out from the pack as a tabletop sitter made for smaller drink portions. Unlike coolers that can fit dozens of beverages, this bucket can hold six or more beers and three or more bottles of wine. You know, for that Goldilocks kind of sipping sesh.

Courtesy of YETI

The Rambler Beverage Bucket is designed using 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel that’s practically indestructible. No scratches, no dents. Left it out in the rain? No worries, there’s no rust either. Topped with a lid that’s tight enough to keep the cold in and the bugs out, all buyers can expect here is one thing and one thing only: cold, cold drinks.

A cushioned rotating handle allows easy transportation post-fill from the freezer to just about wherever. The backyard, the park, the beach, the kid’s soccer game and bingo night at Grandma’s. The world is an oyster and it shall be treated as such.

When it’s time to clean in preparation for the next outdoor hang, simply throw it in the dishwasher. That’s right, this puppy is entirely dishwasher-safe.

The Rambler Beverage Bucket is here to make summer that much easier. Pick up yours today from YETI at $150 in a choice of four different colors. Plus, each Rambler Beverage Bucket is 100% customizable. Throw on some text, a logo, a monogram or many other options.

Courtesy of YETI