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Meet Yonder: YETI’s First Non-Insulated Bottle That’s Here Just in Time for Christmas

Insulation is so last year. Meet Yonder, YETI’s very first non-insulated water bottle that’s hitting shelves just in time for the holiday season.

Here at SPY, we’re serious YETI fans. So much so that we’ve dedicated an entire YETI gift guide to the brand’s reliable line of products, so it’s safe to say we’re a little bit excited about this YETI first. Weighing in at 50% lighter than YETI’s traditional insulated Rambler bottles, Yonder brings a bit of ease to the brand’s heavier alternatives.

Courtesy of YETI

This transparent bottle isn’t exactly what you might expect from YETI, but simultaneously packs that punch you know you deserve. Unlike YETI’s insulated Ramblers and some of the best coolers we’ve tested, this bottle doesn’t have that borderline comedic bone chill you’d expect. Why? Well, because it’s not insulated. Though, the Yonder does have a super durable design that ensures an unintentional drop won’t be its downfall.

The Yonder also comes in as one of YETI’s most affordable products to date with a 750mL bottle at just $25 and a 1L bottle at only $28. And, just because these bottles are see-through doesn’t mean YETI is ditching any color. Currently, the Yonder is available in clear, seafoam, navy and charcoal for some added spunk.

Courtesy of YETI

Anybody obsessed with the YETI brand is sure to love the Yonder as one of the best Christmas gifts this year. It’s perfect for the lightweight hiker, the early morning gym goer, the office water sipper and the 20-mile-long biker.

Typically, new YETI releases sell out faster than you might imagine. If you’re looking for one of the best stocking stuffers of the year, be sure to purchase your Yonder bottle now before it’s out of stock. Because we promise — it will be.