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Review: I’m Obsessed With YETI’s First Non-Insulated Water Bottle, and It’s a Perfect Xmas Gift Too

If you’re shopping YETI for the holidays, you only have until 12/19 to place your orders and receive your gifts in time for Christmas!

It’s a controversial one, but I have to spill my truth. I am loving the YETI Yonder right now, YETI’s very first non-insulated water bottle.

I know, I know, the point of YETI is seemingly cold, cold, cold. Right? That’s what I thought. As a massive fan of the brand, I’ve been testing all of the best YETI products for years now. From the best coolers to the best backpack cooler, you name it, if it’s from YETI, I’ve likely tested it. YETI has the capability of keeping items colder than cold, whether it’s a cooler or a stainless steel tumbler.

Courtesy of YETI

That said, when YETI released the Yonder a few months back, I was both excited about the news yet skeptical at the same time. YETI is open about the fact that this bottle wasn’t going to keep your liquids cold, so I was wondering what really the point was.

But, after testing it myself for the past couple of months, I can assure you that it makes for one of the best Christmas gifts of 2022, without a doubt.

First and foremost, this is one of the most affordable products YETI has to offer. So, if you’re the name-brand type but can’t quite afford the majority of YETI products, this is an awesome alternative to their ultra-insulated water bottles. I mean, like, it’s got the name and everything — so you’re totally in the clear with that one. It still gives you the clout you need at the gym.

Tyler Schoeber | SPY

In comparison to every other YETI product, this is the most lightweight I’ve ever held. Period. Of course, that’s because it’s plastic, but it also makes it a stellar companion when traveling, lugging to the gym and keeping on your body. I’m the type of guy that brings a tote bag everywhere and my main issue with YETI insulated bottles is that you can quite literally feel them because of how weighed down the bag becomes. With the YETI Yonder, I almost always forget that I have it on me because it doesn’t make my bag as heavy.

Another aspect that I love is that it is see-through. All YETI water bottle alternatives are solid-colored and, as mentioned, heavy. This lightweight, see-through design never tricks me into thinking I have more water than I actually do. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve left the house with one sip of water left in my insulated bottle when thinking I had at least half a bottle’s worth.

This isn’t me damning YETI’s insulated water bottles in any fashion, this is just me saying that the world right now is 100% sleeping on the YETI Yonder. Trust me when I say you might just give the best gifts ever this year with the YETI Yonder.

Tyler Schoeber | SPY