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100 Thieves Teams up With Crunchyroll Favorite Jujutsu Kaisen to Summon Cool Winter Apparel

Anime and manga are no longer considered niche. They are part of mainstream pop culture, taking every inch of media over. One of the most beloved shows and the Anime of the Year winner at the 2021 Crunchyroll Anime Awards, Jujutsu Kaisen is popping up everywhere. Today the show teams up with 100 Thieves for a limited-time 15-piece collection.

100 Thieves is a premier gaming clothing brand (see on your e-sports faves) and has previously collabed with other Crunchyroll darlings like Attack on Titan. If this bundle is anything akin to that launch, we expect it to sell out quickly. If you see something you like, snag it now rather than later.

Summon the cool essence of the Divine Dogs and banish bad fashion with each piece in this capsule. This range will feature bottoms, tops, headwear, and accessories, boldly capturing the characters’ essence and larger-than-life attitudes.

What makes this release extra special? The pricing is very affordable for such a prestigious brand. A rep for 100 Thieves stated, “The collection’s price ranges from $35-$165, covering items from headwear to high-quality outerwear. We’re excited to launch this.”

Personally, I’ve got my eye on that sleek Gojo chore coat. Even the strongest jujutsu sorcerer needs a waterproof nylon-bonded technical jacket to withstand all the cursed energy in the universe.

Cotton canvas, screen printed graphics, custom cut and sew pants, pleated sweatpants, crewnecks, t-shirts, and hoodies; this anime stockpile was made with major love for the property and in vibrant and muted tones.

Grab yours now and then rewatch the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen on Crunchyroll.