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The 16 Best Pairs of 5-Inch Inseam Shorts for Men To Show Off Those Legs

Men’s shorts are that perfect seasonal option in your closet that allows you to live your best life and catch the breeziest breeze during the hottest time of the year.

Not too long ago, most men preferred baggier shorts that fell at, and sometimes below, the knee. More recently, and with an assist from stars like Milo Ventimiglia, 5-inch inseam shorts for men are making a major comeback. Performance running shorts typically come in three distinct lengths: 5, 7 and 9 inches. However, in 2022, it’s easy to find guys sporting chino shorts, jean shorts (aka jorts), swim trunks and other types of everyday shorts with a thigh-baring 5-inch inseam.

These tiny men’s shorts were one of the biggest fashion trends of 2021, and even though we’re in a new year, they’re still extremely popular with runners and folks anticipating warmer weather. Short shorts aren’t going anywhere, boys.

No, men wearing five-inch inseam shorts isn’t a new idea, but the way that the current generation of shoppers has found a way to harp on the importance of short shorts is remarkable. Although it may take a little bit of courage to actually rock these shorts, they will make you look nice and modern — what else could you want?

Five-Inch inseam shorts are pretty self-explanatory, but we’re going to explain them anyway. The inseam is the inside seam on a pair of pants or shorts and it dictates how long or short the garment will be when you put them on. Five inches is not very long at all and it’s perfect for offering an optimal breeze during the blazing summer months and showing some serious thigh. They typically come in a range of fabrics and colors that will appeal to all senses and aesthetics. So, what are you waiting for? Get on with it and show off those legs!

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Below, we’ve rounded up the best pairs of 5-inch inseam shorts for men that will help you show off those thighs.


1. J.Crew 5″ Stretch Short


These 5-inch inseam shorts for men are possibly one of the best things J.Crew sells. The stretch shorts feature a zip fly and are made out of cotton and elastane. They provide the perfect amount of stretch while keeping a sophisticated air about themselves. Each pair is also sustainable, so they should definitely grace your closet.

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Courtesy of J.Crew


2. Banana Republic 5″ Core Temp Short


Banana Republic makes excellent menswear, and these 5″ Core shorts from them are perfect for showing off your legs this summer. They’re literally made for warm weather, with temperature-regulating 37.5 Technology that uses volcanic sand to warm you up or cool you down as needed. They’re also quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant and are unlined for optimal comfort. They’re also discounted $15, so you can save as you style.

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Courtesy of Banana Republic


3. Gap 5″ Easy Shorts


What’s better than a pair of 5-inch inseam shorts for men? A pair of 5-inch inseam shorts that are on sale. Gap’s 5″ Easy shorts are a classic must-have that slip right on for effortless outfits in warmer weather. They come in two colors and are complete with a drawstring for an effortless slip-in. They come with a drawstring and a faux fly for easy wear.

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Courtesy of Gap


4. Lululemon Bowline Stretch Shorts 5″


We’re big fans of Lululemon’s men’s apparel no matter the season. The brand has all of the athleisure wear, training gear and running shorts that active guys need to stay comfortable and stylish no matter what Mother Nature has in store for you.

For athletes and runners, the Bowline Stretch Shorts, which come in both 5″ and 8″, have tons of useful features that elevate them beyond your standard running shorts. The stretch fabric is water-repellent, and zippered pockets make it easy to keep your phone and keys handy at all times.

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Courtesy of lululemon


5. MaaMgic Athletic Gym Shorts


These 5-inch inseam men’s shorts are breathable and come in a cotton and polyester mix. They come in nine color options and will make your work *that* much more enjoyable. They feature two side zip pockets and an elastic waistband for storage and comfort. Perfect for running, pickup basketball and gym days, these MaaMgic gym shorts will become your new go-to shorts for working out

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Courtesy of Amazon


6. Goodthreads Slim-Fit 5″ Lightweight Comfort Stretch Oxford Short


Looking to pull off a preppier vibe? Do so with one of Amazon’s in-house fashion brands, Goodthreads. These oxford shorts have a boyishly cool prep school vibe that places them in a realm that’s a little less casual than most 5-inch inseam shorts. Each pair is made with 98% cotton and 2% spandex for that much-needed added stretch. There are tons of different colors to choose from each at an affordable rate, so all that’s left to do now is pick your poison.

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Courtesy of Amazon


7. Todd Snyder 5″ Weekend Short


A faded look is ideal for rocking old-school looks. You know, the kind your dad would have worn as a kid. These 5-inch inseam shorts from Todd Snyder are ideal for pulling a dated look that can match just about anything you pair them with. A classic tee? Sure. A polo? Go for it. An open button-down shirt? Perfect for good vibes in warm weather. Each pair uses a 4-way stretch twill blended with Tencel to keep wearers cozy (and looking great) at all times.

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Courtesy of Todd Snyder


8. Bonobos Anywhere Short E-Waist


Bonobos always finds a way to remix menswear classics and give them a modern, stylish twist. This pair of five-inch inseam shorts for men are no exception.

This pair comes garment dyed with the intent to give them a worn look. They feature on-seam side pockets, flat heather drawcords, vented hem and mesh pocket bags. They are also moisture-wicking, UV resistant and quick drying. Honestly, we’ll take 20.

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Courtesy of Bonobos


9. Under Armour Launch Run 5″ Shorts


If you prefer running shorts that come with their own lining, then you’ll want to check out these 5-inch inseam shorts from Under Armour. The lightweight and stretchy fabric lets you move freely as you chase after a new personal record.

The fabric is also designed to wick moisture and avoid nasty odors. Finally, while you might think there’s no way you can store your phone in running shorts, Under Armour designed this piece of clothing with a secure phone pocket.

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Courtesy of Under Armour


10. Vuori Kore Shorts


Vuori is known for creating clothing with versatility in mind. These Kore Shorts are no different. The fabric used for these shorts is made half with recycled polyester. Each pair is also totally anti-odor and comes with a zip pocket for safe-keeping essentials. They come in a number of colors and will take you from land to sea with ease.

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Courtesy of Vuori


11. Chubbies Stretch Shorts


Chubbies used to be known as the “college dude” brand, but now they’re popular with every kind of man. This flat-front design is comfortable and will stretch no matter what. These shorts feature an elastic waistband that is sure to make you feel extra comfy when wearing them. They come in a number of cool colors that you absolutely need to check out, but you can never go wrong in black.

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Courtesy of Chubbies


12. BDG Washed Out Volley Short


It’s a red summer, boys. Show some thigh by drenching your legs in a color you don’t have enough of in your wardrobe. These classic volley shorts mimic the ones your dad had in all those photos he’s got from the 70s.

They have a vintage look to them and pair well with Converse high-tops and a classic tee.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


13. Birddogs Blue Babes


While we love the 5-inch inseam, we understand not every dude who wants to rock short shorts doesn’t want to show that much leg. Add an extra inch with Birddogs Blue Babes oxford shorts this season to help you step around in style. These shorts include built-in underwear to help you go “commando” when the time calls for it. Sure, you won’t be exactly commando, but what we’re saying is you can leave an extra pair of undies in the drawer when you slip these ones on.

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Courtesy of Birddogs


14. ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Shorts in Light Green Cord


There’s nothing more effortless and carefree looking than corduroy shorts. Sure, the classic corduroys might have a semi-casual, leaning-formal grandpa approach to them, but there’s something about an above-the-knee style that hones them in as a summer must-have. These wide shorts from ASOS scream chill vibes. Surfers, skaters, bikers, beach-goers, parker-hangers — no matter your summer vibe, just slide these drawstrings on and get into the warm weather.

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Courtesy of ASOS


15. Patagonia Strider Pro 5in Short 


Patagonia is a heritage brand that is known for its activewear that typically doubles as casual or streetwear. These shorts come in a lightweight fabric that’s great for running or lounging around the house after a major WFH day. They come in a few colors and feature an inner lining that wicks moisture, stretches and breathes during all of your rigorous workouts.

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Courtesy of Backcountry


16. Standard Cloth Oliver Nylon Short


Nylon shorts are great for sweaty dudes since they wick away water so easily. These cool olive shorts from Standard Cloth will be a staple to your clothing this summer solely because of how accessible they are. Wear them doing quite literally whatever. They can get wet, they can stay dry and they’ll make you look awesome.

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Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


Show Off Them Thighs With the Best-Looking Short Shorts for Men