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Sari Not Sorry: The 6 Best Cloth Wraps for Your Lower Half

* Six ways to cover up après beach without an entire outfit change
* Not just for the waist down – tricks on wearing wraps more than one way
* An effortless way to go from beach to boardwalk

A beach getaway or lazy afternoon poolside is all about fun and relaxation, so why spoil the mellow with the hassle of a full outfit change when it’s time for sunset drinks and dinner on the boardwalk? Check out our picks for the six best wraps.

1. Dotti Sky Cotton Wrap

This cotton wrap is all about the boho beach vibes with its Caribbean-blue tie-dye print and breezy cotton fabric. Tied around your waist, it’s ready for sunset seaside drinks.

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Image Courtesy of Macy’s[/caption]


2. Robin Piccone Pareo

If your beach style  skews more mid-century glam than hippie deluxe, Robin Piccone’s simple, short swim wrap is just what’s needed. Cut from a stretchy modal/spandex blend, it dries just as quickly as a swimsuit.

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Image Courtesy of Nordstom[/caption]


3. Accompany x Mela Artisans Oversized Scarf

This gorgeous pale pink and tangerine wrap is generously sized at 40×70-inches, giving you more styling options beyond a sarong-style skirt. Twist it around the neck for a halter-style dress, throw it over your shoulders as a shawl on chilly nights or brighten up any look year-round by wearing it as a scarf.

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Image Courtesy of Target[/caption]


4. Lem Lem Aziza Big Scarf

From model Liya Keebede’s best-selling line of artisan-made resortwear, the Aziza Big Scarf is, of course, more than just a scarf. Like Accompany x Mela Artisan’s oversized scarf, this airy cotton wrap can be twisted and tied many ways–just let your imagination and a few good knots lead the way.

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Image Courtesy of ShopSpring[/caption]


5. Eres Printed Cotton Pareo

A bright red geometric print harks back to the glamorous heyday of St. Tropez summers, while the refined cut and finely woven cotton fabric make this a must-have should you be invited for a yacht holiday or lounging at a swanky hotel pool.

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Image Courtesy of Net-a-Porter[/caption]


6. Vanda Jacintho Printed Pareo

This multi-colored crêpe de chine pareo features an arty geometric print by Brazilian designer Vanda Jacintho. Although intended for the beach or pool, it wouldn’t look so bad back in the city with heels and a well-cut jacket.

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Image Courtesy of Barneys New York[/caption]

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