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Modernize Your Look on the Links With These Adidas Superstar Spiked Golf Shoes

Golf attire is pretty standard no matter where you’re playing. It typically involves a golf shirt, nice pants or shorts (if the course allows) and golf shoes. Golf shoes are essential for gripping the green and stabilizing your stance during each of your swings and typically have cleats on the bottom to accomplish that task. They’re typically made of high-quality, high-performance leather and come in styles ranging from wingtip Oxford to athletic loafers or slides. They don’t typically look like modern, fashionable sneakers, until now.

Adidas has come out with a modern golf shoe that combines the look of their classic Superstar shoe with golf-friendly cleats on the bottom so you can rock your go-to style and stay secure during your next round.

Adidas golf superstar spiked shoes

These Adidas sneakers have the regular lace-up fit you’re used to with their shoes complete with a leather upper and a rubber shell toe. The inside has a soft feel and the bottoms have three stripes of golf spikes, six total, for gripping the green and elevating this classic look into a functional golf shoe.

Adidas spiked golf shoes

They come in the classic Adidas 3-color trio of cloud white, core black and gold metallic for a fancy finish. Switch up your standard golf shoe game and upgrade to these Adidas hybrid sneakers that are as ready to make you look good on the course as they’ve always been to compliment any outfit, anywhere.