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This Adidas Track Jacket is a Modern Take on a Streetwear Classic

* Adidas’ latest modernization of a classic
* White and navy palette make it a versatile go-to
* Subtly on-trend with a hint of 70s nostalgia

The past few year have seen Adidas climb to new heights. The classic shapes, colors and designs along with the Adidas logo itself, have been used to elevate every kind of outfit by style savants from Kanye West to David Beckham. The latest Adidas piece to see newfound love is the track jacket, and we found this one that perfectly encapsulates the modernized nostalgia that defines the Adidas boom of 2017.

This track jacket, called the Beckenbauer, makes a great alternative to the basic zip-up because it does the same job of being a lightweight summer go-to, but adds just the right amount of that sought-after nostalgic flair.

The Beckenbauer comes in a versatile colorway of white with navy stripes, logo and accents, and navy rib knit cuffs and hem. The collar is different from a traditional Adidas track jacket, as it stands up and comes in navy. The fit is slightly boxy, and the construction is more minimal than is typical with Adidas track jackets.

The details and design make it a quintessential track jacket, but the white and navy palette bring it boldly into 2017 as a piece that works with anything. This summer, get a go-to zip up that will elevate your outfit instead of holding it back. For a bulletproof summer look, wear the Beckenbauer with blue jeans, modern sneakers and a T-shirt.

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