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The Only Running Shoes Selling Are From Adidas

According to reports, the only major brand to successfully sell running shoes last month was Adidas. Whether you’re a bandwagon shopper (and who isn’t?) or an Adidas fan, get the details from Footwear News and order yourself some new kicks today.

From Footwear News:
Of the major brands in the running footwear category, Adidas was the only one to post a sales gain in January, according to market research firm The NPD Group. In addition to a 3 percent dip in the overall running shoe category, the latest NPD data shows that total U.S. footwear sales also slipped 3 percent last month, to $1.5 billion.


That drop follows a 4 percent dip in total U.S. footwear sales in December, to $4 billion, despite the retail boost that was expected to come during the holidays. January’s declines were steepest in the women’s market, which saw revenues slide 7 percent, to $659 million. Children’s shoe sales fell 1 percent, to $203 million, while men’s saw a modest 1 percent gain, to $596 million.


Despite ongoing sluggishness in running shoes, NPD analysts say athletic trends as well as fashion sneakers continue to be footwear’s hot category, with the leisure category pulling off an 11 percent gain in revenues, to $505.1 million, in the first month of 2017. (The NPD’s leisure footwear category includes work boots, casual athletic, outdoor sandal, sport slide and cold/all-weather boots.)

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