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6 Chic Alternatives To The Adidas Tracksuit

* Alternatives to the classic three-stripe tracksuit
* Highly versatile and timelessly cool tracksuits
* Stand out in brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Stussy and ASOS

Tracksuits are officially a wardrobe staple. A great tracksuit can be worn together for an easy statement-making outfit, or broken up and worn with everything from jeans to slacks. It’s one of the most versatile pieces you can own, and thanks to the recent streetwear movement, it’s also one of the coolest pieces in any closet.

If you’re looking for a great tracksuit, the Adidas tracksuit is (obviously) a good place to start. It’s timeless, incredibly versatile, and reasonably priced. Check it out below.

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Image courtesy of Macy’s[/caption]

But as much as we love the classic three-stripe tracksuit, there is one problem: they’re everywhere. To help find a great tracksuit that you won’t see as much, we found some alternatives to the Adidas suit that provide the same timeless swagger.

1. Starter Men’s Track Jacket

We like this Starter track jacket because it’s incredibly minimal, and offers a logo-free look. It features a navy (or black) body with white accents on the shoulders and under the arms.


2. Sun Lorence Tracksuit

This tracksuit from Sun Lorence modernizes the classic tracksuit with a slim fit and a sleek style. It’s also fleece lined, making it a great go-to for the colder months.

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3. boohooMAN Biker Tracksuit

The recent biker-style trend is combined with a tracksuit on this piece from boohooMAN. The shoulders and knees feature ribbed biker inserts that subtly up the trendiness of the tracksuit.

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Image courtesy of ASOS[/caption]


4. ASOS Retro Tracksuit Set

ASOS’ stripped down tracksuit makes a great purchase for anyone. It’s slim fit and breathable, making it good for the gym, but it’s also stylish enough to be paired with jeans, slacks, or chinos for every outfit from the office to the bar.

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Image courtesy of ASOS[/caption]


5. Stussy Poly Track Jacket

The colorful stripped panelling on this Stussy track jacket makes it stand out from the crown, while the black base makes it highly versatile. It also features a polyester construction that provides durability and a stylish sheen.

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Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters[/caption]


6. Tommy Hilfiger ‘90s Track Jacket

You can’t go wrong with 90s nostalgia in 2018, and this Tommy Hilfiger track jacket is a great way to channel those sought after 90s vibes. It showcases a colorblock design, stand-up collar, and a nylon construction that all combine for peak 90s.

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Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters[/caption]

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