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If You Need Collar Stays, Buy These Adjustable Ones

* Touted as the “world’s only 8-position adjustable collar stay”
* Box set contains four adjustable collar stays
* Made from stainless steel

Depending on who you ask or which Internet listicle you subscribe to, there are at least six types of collars that every man should know about. Regardless of which you prefer or have in your closet, you probably don’t have varying types of collar stays to accommodate them all, which is why you need these adjustable collar stays from Cleverfit.

The aptly named Cleverfit offers the “world’s only 8-position adjustable” collar stays. Slip them under your shirt or jacket collar and each of the four stainless steel collar stays can be adjusted in quarter inch increments within seconds, from just over two inches, to three and a half inches. These magic tabs help keep your collars crisp, eliminating the need for frequent starching and ironing. They also enhance collar structure and stability, especially when holding up a tie.

While Cleverfit has figured out how to accommodate the varying types of collars, it can’t, unfortunately, remind you to remove them before your shirts head to the dry cleaners. The included carrying case should help though. Cleverfit also says you shouldn’t have any issues getting these through security at the airport.

Collar stays aren’t typically something you think about buying until you need them, and finding ones that fit every one of your collared shirts is damn near impossible. Which is why these adjustable stays from Cleverfit are a must-have.

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