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Drop Dead Gorgeous Double Skeleton Ring

* Gold tone and gunmetal brass ring
* Gorgeous, intricate detailing
* Latest statement piece from iconic design house

Add some high-style bling to your look with the high-fashion goth sensibility of these new Alexander McQueen Double Skeleton Rings.

The gold tone and gray brass twinned skeletons are joined together in the center, holding between them a gunmetal pearl centerpiece. Looking like two skeletal Atlases joining forces to hold up a cold, gray world, they lend the perfect edgy sensibility to a very stylish and fashion forward accessory.

From the mind of one of today’s most acclaimed designers, the Double Skeleton Ring is a variation on a theme: the double skull motif has been an Alexander McQueen staple for a few seasons now. With the beautiful mix of gold tone and cool gunmetal brass, the ring pairs precious metal vibes with a self-aware and artistic statement, calling to mind the beautiful “Vanitas” paintings of the Renaissance and Baroque eras. These old master paintings would juxtapose lavish feasts, fashion jewelry and beautiful decor with emblems of transience like burning candles, flower arrangements and skeletons, suggesting a carpe diem kind of outlook. The Alexander McQueen Double Skeleton ring lets you wear a little bit of that artistry on your finger.

As always with Alexander McQueen accessories, the quality is top notch, from the minute detail of the skeletons themselves to the shine of the gunmetal pearl centerpiece. The double skeleton ring makes a great gift for someone whose aesthetic sensibility matches their high fashion taste. Of course, it makes a great gift for your inner runway goth too. It can be just the thing to take a weekend look from vanilla to vamp. If you ever wear it to Middle Earth, the ring wraiths will definitely be jealous.

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