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Clutch, Wallet or Neither, Alexander Wang’s Studded Leather Wristlet is Full of Options

* Studded black leather wristlet
* Wrap-around zipper closure
* Removable wrist strap

From the designer who invented the concept and popularized the “model-off-duty” look, expect even the most petite accessories from Alexander Wang to ooze with effortless style and cool. Made from softly textured pebbled black leather, this wallet-cum-clutch is stitched in a boxy rectangular shape, its silhouette outlined with rounded silver studs.

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The zip-around closure serves practical purposes, offering a wide opening to access the bag’s contents, but also weighty enough it serves a decorative one, too, as does another zipper on the back opening to a slim pocket. Together the two embellishments, if you’d call it that, nod at the visual cannon of punk.

Inside, find four card slots and a fabric-lined interior, exactly all you need to keep your essentials tidy with a little space leftover for makeup and a phone charger. What makes this Alexander Wang studded wristlet a wristlet is obviously its wrist strap, but turns out that’s detachable, and with the inner card slots, it makes a great alternative to the traditional wallet (if you like to travel heavy) or hand-carried as a clutch bag (for those who like to keep things light).

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