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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve With The Alice & Olivia Love Pill Wallet

* Genuine cowhide leather
* Wraparound zipper closure for security
* Eight card slots and two cash pockets 

Alice + Olivia’s designer, Stacey Bendet is known for creating pieces reflective of her signature vintage approach to designing modern day clothing. Alice + Olivia has become infamous for their adherence to perfectly-tailored pieces with an added touch of feminine sensibility and vintage-inspired cuts since the label’s launch in 2002.

Though the label focuses the majority of their attention on creating pieces that fit flawlessly, creativity and personality are never sacrificed for sophistication and quality. The Love Pill Long Wallet is no exception to the brand’s commitment to creating items that balance creative expression with luxurious design and material.

This large wallet will leave your heart signing every time pull it out of your handbag, whether you’re paying for your morning latte or signing your mortgage check. Crafted from supple genuine cowhide leather, this red and white pill-shaped wallet is embossed with small heart details throughout and features “Love 500 mg” lettering on the front.

The wallet features a wraparound zip fastening, allowing for quick and secure opening and closing after use to ensure that loose coins and credit cards don’t spill out. The fully functional grosgrain-lined interior will help keep your cards and cash organized. The wallet opens up to eight card slots, two cash pockets, and one zip compartment in the center for receipt storage. This wallet is also large enough to hold your checkbook and even store a regular-sized smart phone inside.

Go ahead and show yourself some love by indulging in this adorable Alice & Olivia Wallet. Your prescription is ready to be filled.

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