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The 13 Best All-Black Sneakers That Will Put Any White Sneak to Shame

All-white sneakers are quite the hot commodity and for good reason — they’re dope-looking and match just about anything. But, there’s just one downfall. Even with maximum effort, you will never keep a pair of all-white sneakers looking squeaky clean for too long. But, lucky for you, white sneaks have an even cooler cousin that always stays looking sharp no matter what you put it through. Reintroducing: the all-black sneaker.

Don’t act so surprised. Even though all-white sneakers have been trending more frequently in the past decade, all-black sneakers are rising in popularity again because even if they aren’t clean, they won’t show their ware as visually as all-whites do. All-black sneakers don’t only stay looking squeaky clean at all times, but like white sneakers, these babes have the ability to match just about whatever you’re wearing no matter the ‘fit. As the weather starts to change and become a bit cooler, all-black sneakers are an excellent running alternative to any other pair you’re too afraid to let out into the elements. And if you’re headed back to work, commuting in these bad boys will have you feeling unworried the whole ride.

All-black sneakers are clearly a staple for multiple scenarios, but you have to be sure they:

  • Look good
  • Feel good
  • Last a good chunk of time
  • Never look dirty

A majority of the styles and brands you’re already struttin’ in have some snazzy all-black options that’ll put your all-white sneakers at the bottom of the shoe rack. From stunning picks by Nike to designer picks from Balenciaga, here are the sleekest, most handsome all-black sneakers you can buy online right now.

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1. Vans Era Sneaker


You’re acting like you didn’t see this one coming first. Come on, dude, what else were you expecting? A budget choice from Payless? Get real. The Vans Era sneaker is the classic all-black sneak every guy (and girl, and hey, everyone in between) needs in their closet. It’s the modern-day Renaissance sneak that does it all. It looks dope on the streets from errands to dates to park hangs to skate seshes. No matter the vibe, a classic all-black pair of Vans should be the move. You know damn well that these shouldn’t be worn on any form of run, though. That’s probably Vans’ sole drawback. Since the sole is designed flat, these are not a comfortable choice for running amuck throughout your city. Walking amuck, though? Yeah, throw these on.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Vans


2. Nike Air Force 1 ’07 Sneaker


Alright, no tea, no shade, these all-black AF1s deserve the top spot too, but we can only use the number one once. Though most of the time these classics are seen on the street dripping in a pure white glow, these all-black alternatives are the classic AF1’s goth cousin at the family party. They’re low-cut in style, making them easier than classic hi-tips to walk in and act as a timeless staple to your sneaker collection. You could’ve worn these 10 years ago to fit the vibe and can rock ’em 10 years into the future because they’ll still match whatever trend is going on at the time. Unlike Vans, these sneaks are made to be a bit comfier with AF1’s iconic footbed cushion.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Nordstrom


3. Nike Air Force 1 Mid ’07 Sneaker


If you’re looking to take your AF1s to the next level up and you’re willing to spend a whopping five extra bucks, check out their mid sneaker. Realistically speaking, this thing is the exact same build as the regular AF1 listed above with a slight aesthetically-driven additive: a hi-top design and hook-and-loop ankle strap. These have the same amount of comfort as your regular pair of AF1’s with just a little more ankle support. Which do we prefer? We’re kind of split. We love the regular pair of AF1s because they’re a bit easier to walk in, but we do kind of have a soft spot for high-tops. That being said, we’re going to leave the choice up to you.

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4. MATRIP Lightweight Tennis Shoes


You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to fashionable, comfortable all-black sneakers and MATRIP’s tennis shoes are the perfect example. These all-black sneaks are as lightweight as it gets when it comes to a pair of sneakers and are a handsome alternative to anything you’re seeing at Payless. The pair has a slew of impressive reviews on Amazon, with reviewers explaining that they’re not only perfect for everyday wear but also excellent for running and working because of their non-slip sole. This means runners can sport these in the rain and waiters can wear these throughout the workday with no fear they’re going to break an ankle on the job. Reviewers claim they’re true to size and easy to clean, explaining that they’re so impressed, they’re just about ready to make their next purchase in a different color.

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Courtesy of Amazon


5. Cole Haan Generation ZERØGRAND Sneaker


Cole Haan isn’t just known for immense comfort, they’re known for style too. They don’t really have many all-black sneaker options, but we were happy to discover they do have one all-black sneaker with yellow accents that’s perfect for whatever you intend on putting it through. The Generation ZERØGRAND sneaker is a lightweight and breathable sneaker due to its Stitchlite upper. The footbed is a bit springy, which is great for guys who enjoy a run every now and again as well as people who are on their feet quite frequently. Add this handsome addition to your fall wardrobe by wearing it alongside a pair of ripped black jeans and a blue flannel shirt or with your favorite joggers and a hooded sweatshirt. Cole Haan suggests half sizing down if you had a low instep and prefer a snug fit, but keep to your regular size if you’ve got a medium or high instep.

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Courtesy of Cole Haan


6. Allbirds Tree Runners


Allbirds are known to maximize comfort for your tootsies by doing it all fashionably and most importantly, sustainably. That’s right, the Tree Runners are responsibly sourced and made with eucalyptus tree fiber, acting as a sustainable and lightweight all-black sneaker option to rock on your feet. The sneaks are odor-minimizing and flexible enough to support your feet in their day-to-day activities. They’re machine washable which is always an exciting plus to sneaks, considering you can be sure they won’t break your washer. If you’re living in a bigger city like New York, LA, San Francisco or Chicago, you’ve probably seen these Allbirds on various modes of transportation dressing the feet of young professionals all over. Meaning yes, they’re 100% acceptable to show off in the office.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Allbirds


7. New Balance 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer


Your dad’s been wearing these classic New Balance’s since you were born and replaces them with the exact same pair each time his previous pair begins to show their age. Don’t you think that he might be on to something? As we’ve gotten older, we’ve come to realize that turns out, he really is on to something. Who would’ve thought?

These dad sneaks are supportive as all hell and cushion your feet from every single angle. They’re outrageously flexible in their design and include an ABZORB heel crash pad that protects the foot from otherwise tough impacts. And right now, given that the “normcore” look is still pretty in style, these dad sneaks are more fashionable than they’ve ever been. We suggest you follow in your pops’ footsteps and try these ones out for yourself.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Amazon


8. TOMS Cordones Cupsole


Some will be surprised that TOMS doesn’t only make espadrilles, but they actually make a variety of shoe options including boots, dress shoes, slip-ons and sneakers. You better believe we’re pretty geeked over this all-black sneaker from TOMS. These shoes, while definitely better for warmer weather, are a hip sneaker to slip into your wardrobe as fall begins. It’s a sturdy, lightweight all-black sneaker that’s perfect for anybody who loves a comfortable shoe that doesn’t feel bulky in the slightest. These are pretty comparable to Vans but with one crucial benefit. Each pair of sneakers bought from TOMS will promise a new pair of shoes to a child in need. So, technically speaking, each time you buy a pair, you’re really buying two. One for you, and one for a kid somewhere in the world whose face you’ll bring a smile to.

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Courtesy of Zappos


9. Balenciaga Speed Sneaker


We know you want those Balenciagas. The ones that look like socks (thank you Cardi B). Well, here they are. They’re going to make you spend a pretty penny, but damn, it’s worth it. These handsome all-black sneakers look like they were designed in a space station floating above Jupiter in 3033. And boy, we’re loving the taste. They’re way before their time in the best way possible. Each trainer has an ergonomic sole that feels like you’re essentially barefoot. Wear these with your favorite athleisure (you know, the stuff you wear but never exercise in) or pair them with an all-black ‘fit that’s plucked off a model from NYFW.

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Courtesy of Balenciaga


10. Converse Winter GORE-TEX Chuck Taylor All Star


Transform your favorite pair of Chuck Taylors into an all-weather option made for anything the world throws at them because we both know damn well that your current canvas pair cannot hold up in the rain or snow. As potentially Converse’s biggest downfall, their sneakers are never really waterproof. These are ideal because Converse is giving us their traditional style we’ve known and loved for so many decades in a sneaker that can last for a decade. These sneaks have a fully waterproof exterior, a warm fleece interior lining and a hiker-inspired tread to keep your feet dry no matter how heavy the rain is. Pair these with a yellow raincoat and your coolest rolled Levi’s and get going.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Converse


11. Maison Margiela Black Replica Sneakers


A funky design is hard to come by when shopping for all-black sneakers. Specifically, well, because they’re all-black. Maison Margiela combated this issued by giving us the Replica sneakers, an option that uses varying materials to create a cool pattern in the sneak’s exterior. The trainer featured a two-tone paneled buffed calfskin and suede mix, providing two different black colors with two different textures. They’re a dapper addition to your sneaker collection for the sheer fact that they look like no other all-black sneaker on the market.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of SSENSE


12. adidas Ultraboot 20 Shoes


While we’ve been focusing primarily on fashion, it’s important to have a pair of sneakers that are worth the buy when it comes to running. These sneaks from adidas provide the support and mobility you need on your next run and give a stellar reason to throw your current pair right in the trash. Make the most of your exercises with the Ultraboost 20 shoe, which promises a high-performance, foot-hugging reinforcement you need when working out. Run for miles and miles and never experience any foot pain because these all-black bad boys return energy to your foot with each stride, ensuring you’ll want to keep the exertion going longer than you’d think.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of adidas


13. Common Projects Achilles Leather Low-Top Sneakers


While we’ve featured a couple of leather all-black sneaker options, it doesn’t get more handsome than Common Projects’ Achilles sneakers. This trainer is aptly named after Trojan War hero Achilles, where the sneak makes a nod to the story that claims Achilles was dunked in the River Styx as an infant by one of his heels. During the war, it was said he was invulnerable in all of his body from this dipping aside from his heel, which never made it into the water. During the war, he was shot with an arrow into his heel and died because of this. Hence, why the Achilles heel has its name today. Common Projects threw a little ode onto the heel by listing the style number on the Achilles heel of the sneaker and tampering with the otherwise fully clean look of the shoe. It was a totally badass decision for the brand to make and a completely handsome one, to say the least.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Farfetch


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