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Steven Alan’s Take on the Aloha Shirt is Funky And Fun

* The perfect shirt for summer
* Features a muted array of colorful toucans
* Made from cotton jacquard

With summer on the horizon, you may want to consider picking up a tropical themed shirt for the season. Even if you’re not one to dress up, what’s not to love about this shirt from Steven Alan with an all-over toucan motif?

The loose-fitting, short sleeve, button-up is made from a cotton jacquard with a spread collar, and features a colorful yet muted palette of neon colors in the form of several toucans. It’s not too loud but loud enough that it’s more tasteful than garish. It tiptoes the line, sure, but simply put, this is a fun shirt and one that will surely garner some attention. In a good way, of course. The fit and cut are a bit relaxed, so you’ll want to go with your normal size on this one.

While it technically isn’t an Aloha shirt since it lacks the signature left chest pocket and isn’t exported from Hawaii, Steven Alan’s Horizon shirt is very much in line with the look and feel of your tropical island attire. Maybe it’s the toucan that’s got us thinking about the islands but we’re going to need a tropical drink ASAP.

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