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Exclusive: The Most Comfortable Dress Shoes We’ve Ever Tested Are 15% Off for Black Friday

If you’ve ever done any gift shopping for anybody, ever, you’re probably keen on the “one for you, one for me” policy. Basically, after you buy a gift for your mom, your brother-in-law, or whomever, you then pick up a little something nice for yourself. While you’re online shopping this year, you have to go visit Amberjack to cop some clean kicks for those upcoming parties.

Not only does Amberjack make one of the best dress sneakers we’ve found, but SPY has secured an exclusive Amberjack Black Friday discount for you all, the first-ever public discount from Amberjack. To take advantage of this, use code “SPY15” at checkout for 15% off your entire order at Amberjack from 11/25 through 11/28. In 2022, that’s just nuts — the first discount? You better believe it, my guy.

If you’ve never heard of Amberjack before, it’s because they’re still the new kids on the block. And, we know you might be loyal to whatever other dress sneakers you have, but SPY has tested multiple pairs from their collection now and we’re happy to say they — are — superb. They’re comfortable, they’re made in Portugal, and the outsole is a proprietary material that could take a hit from Troy Palomalu like he was a mosquito.

Amberjack Black Friday Discount: What to Get

Courtesy of Amberjack

$152.15 $179

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The Original is Amberjack’s classic derby-style dress shoe. This particular dress shoe is suitable for both trousers as well as denim and can be dressed up or dressed casually, but we prefer somewhere in the middle. It makes for a perfect office sneaker and pairs well with a merino wool sweater, a casual blazer, or even a clean hoodie if you’re that kind of guy.

These dress shoes have a thermally molding insole that contours to the bottom of a foot, making them perfect for long days. The upper is Grade-A American steer leather with a perforated, buck-skin leather lining that allows for proper ventilation.
We love the classic tan in the Honey colorway, but Amberjack also offers 10 other options in both leather and water-repellent suede.

Courtesy of Amberjack

$165.75 $195

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The Chelsea from Amberjack is by far the easiest Chelsea boot we’ve ever had to pleasure of not struggling to put our foot inside. Yes, we’re very aware that it’s like an inch shorter than the average Chelsea, but the comfort level here is nearly incomparable.
Our favorite colorway in The Chelsea is the Midnight — a black-on-black that is not only slimming but wonderfully complimentary to any type of fabric from which your pants could be made. The Midnight color is on a water-repellent suede, making it perfect as a daily commuting shoe for city-dwelling dudes or anyone living in a climate with sloshy winters.
These boots are available in sizes ranging from 7-13 and come in an additional eight color options. If we had to choose a second pair, it would probably be the Dune, which is more playful and trendy.