April Men’s Fashion Recap: Here Are the Menswear Style Trends We Obsessed Over This Month

April Picks
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You know what they say — April showers bring May flowers. What they didn’t tell you also is that April style picks bring May style drips.

This past month, we’ve seen a slew of spring and summer-ready trends hit the market just in time for warmer weather. From dope collabs we never saw coming to old trends reemerging from their graves, it’s safe to say that April brought us an abundance of incredible clothing we can’t wait to strut the streets in.

Now that May is finally here, check out all of the iconic street-style picks we’ve been eyeing up in April below. Trust us, you won’t want to miss out on any of these trends.

1. Best Casual Shoes for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, so you know what that means. Yup, it’s time to step up your summer feet heat. From sneakers to loafers to sandals, we rounded up the most iconic casual shoes for summer 2021. Check out the full story here.

best casual men's shoes for summer Courtesy of Converse

Best Casual Shoes for Summer


2. Best Tube Socks

While we’re chatting about footwear, one of the best warm-weather accessories from your dad’s era is creeping its way into the world of modern-day men’s fashion. That’s right, we’re talking about tube socks. These iconic socks are the socks of the 70s, but we’re anticipating they’ll be back and better than ever this summer. Check out the full story here.

best tube socks men H&M

Best Tube Socks


3. Playboy X Alpha Industries Collab

As one of the most iconic collabs we never saw coming, the Playboy X Alpha Industries collab is one of the dopest we’ve seen. Ever. These pieces are fit for hypebeasts and fashionistos alike. We’ve even got a feeling that, down the line, these are going to be worth a pretty penny. Don’t hold us to it, but when you’ve got a gut feeling, you’ve got a gut feeling. Check out the full story here.

alpha industries x playboy release 2021 Courtesy of Alpha Industries

Playboy X Alpha Industries Collab


4. Men’s Baggy Jeans

Gen Z canceled skinny jeans this year, and while some of us think they have a point, others are a tad angry. Nonetheless, men’s baggy jeans are back and we couldn’t be happier about it. Hang loose and let your legs breathe for once this summer — you deserve it. Check out the full story here.

men in baggy jeans Courtesy of ASOS

Men's Baggy Jeans


5. Men’s Skinny Jeans

Alright, alright — we know we just said that skinny jeans are slowly going out of style, but there’s a war going on right now between Gen Z and millennials and we have our popcorn prepared for the brawl. While Gen Z is super anti-skinny jeans, that isn’t the case whatsoever with millennials. So, if you can’t give up your skinniest of skinny jeans, check out the full story here.

skinny jeans Courtesy of Farfetch & Levi's

Men's Skinny Jeans


6. Crocs

If you hate on Crocs, we hate on you. It’s just the way the cookie crumbles. The little shoe that could is one of the ugliest yet iconic footwear options you can throw on this year, any year before and any year after. That’s why they’re some of the best shoes on the planet. Check out the full story here.

ode to crocs, best crocs Courtesy of @crocs



7. Vintage T-Shirts

The vintage aesthetic has been back in style for years upon years at this point. Because you know what they say, what goes around comes around. We’ve collected some of the coolest vintage tees you can wear all summer long. Check out the full story here.

vintage t-shirts Courtesy of Amazon

Vintage T-Shirts


8. Lululemon Activewear

After spending over a year indoors wearing comfortable clothing, we’re heading into this summer… wearing more comfortable clothing. No one does athleisure like Lululemon and we’ve found a slew of top choices ready for warmer weather. Check out the full story here.

Lululemon Clothes Courtesy of Lululemon

Lululemon Activewear


9. Beach Pants

Don’t know what beach pants are? Let us remind you. Remember those really awkward professional family photos people used to take at the beach? You know, the ones where everyone wore pure white? The pants all the men were wearing were beach pants. Before you gag, note that beach pants have come a long way since then and make up some of the coolest pants to wear this summer. Check out the full story here.

mens beach pants Courtesy of Urban Outfitters & Bonobos

Beach Pants


10. K-Swiss & YG Classic LX Sneaker

In yet another collab we weren’t expecting, K-Swiss and hip-hop artist YG teamed up this month to release a brand new take on the Classic LX Sneaker. All we gotta say? It’s dope. Check out the full story here.

k-swiss classix lx Courtesy of K-Swiss

K-Swiss & YG Classic LX Sneaker


11. Jorts

Yup, we went there. Jorts are on our radar right now to be one of the hottest summer pick-ups this year. Like, you already look great in jeans the rest of the year, so why not snag some in the summer? Check out the full story here.

best men's jorts Courtesy of Urban Outfitters and Levi's



12. Water Shorts

You have swimsuits and you have athletic shorts. But, why not combine the pair for the perfect warm-weather option to wear all day long? From morning hikes to ocean dips to drinks with your buds, water shorts will have your back all day long this summer. Check out the full story here.

best water shorts Courtesy of Chubbies

Water Shorts


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