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For six seasons (has it been that long?) we’ve binged, watched and re-watched Netflix’s Queer Eye so many times that we can quote lines from the show. This season the fab five have settled down in Austin, Texas, and it’s easy to drool over the southern food, the sights and the decor when watching the show. Speaking of episodes, if you’re like us, when you’re watching an episode, you hit rewind trying to figure out what skin and hair care products Jonathan Van Ness, aka JVN, is using on his makeover subjects, or you’re trying to hunt down a chair that Bobby used, a blazer that Tan picked out for someone, or the recipes Antoni creates in the kitchen.

Yes, as much as we love the crew: JVN, Tan, Antoni, Bobby, and Karamo, we really, really love the products they use too. We want to own the stuff they’ve showcased in various episodes and we have a feeling that lots of guys feel the same way. If  you’ve been oh, say, furniture stalking Bobby or trying to figure out where Antoni got that stylish neon rugby shirt, we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

To help fans track down the products and brands featured in Queer Eye, we’ve tracked down furniture, fashion and grooming items featured in the show so that you can own it too. In fact, we hunted down dozens of terrific items that the fab five use and love, and we’ve created this handy shopping guide. Many of these brands and products are mentioned in the credits after a particular episode, while others we recognized instantly. Some specific brands — West Elm, Billy Reid, Scotch & Soda — have also been featured prominently during shopping trips.

Keep reading for our guide to the best brands and products in Queer Eye. 

Queer-Eye-in-Austin-Texas Courtesy of Ilana Panich-Linsman/Netflx. © 2021


Fashion Brands Seen on Queer Eye

Tan France is egalitarian in his fashion choices; he’ll grab clothing from Target as well as upscale clothiers like Scotch & Soda, Theory, Billy Reid, Bonobos and other hip brands. He feels that clothing should make you feel good as well as look good.  In the latest season, he told one of the heroes that “clothes are the tipping point, they show how you view yourself kindly.” If you’re looking for specific items featured in season six, we’ve even found the exact shirt that Reggie wore in episode 10,  among other finds.


Scotch & Soda Printed Short Sleeve Shirt

This is the exact shirt that Reggie wore in “The Mis-Inspiration of Reggie Devore.” It was paired with that killer looking green suit. Sadly, the suit is no longer available, however,  this cotton button-up with its distinctive MCM style print can be yours. Scotch & Soda is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand that we’re particularly obsessed with right now, and they make stylish clothing you can wear to work or on the weekend.

Scotch-Soda-Printed-Short-Sleeve-Shirt Courtesy of Scotch & Soda


Scotch & Soda Ralston Organic Cotton Jeans

When Tan shops for his heroes, he looks for jeans like these from Scotch & Soda. They’re not too tight, not too loose, and can be paired with something casual and a blazer too. These organic cotton jeans have a touch of stretch, so they’ll move with you. SPY’s Site Director Timothy Werth is also a big fan of these jeans, which have been featured on SPY in the past.

Scotch-Soda-Ralston-Organic-Cotton-Jeans Courtesy of Scotch & Soda


Scotch & Soda Plakka Sneakers

Tan understands the versatility of sneakers, which can be dressed up or down depending on your mood. These classic white sneakers feature clean lines and will pair well with almost any outfit.

Scotch-Soda-Plakka-Sneakers Courtesy of Scotch & Soda


Billy Reid Suede Bomber

Designer Billy Reid combines classic American sportswear styles and chic modernity, and the end result is menswear pieces that are truly ageless. This is also one of Tan’s favorite brands to dress his heroes, and it’s one of SPY’s go-to menswear brands as well. This handsome suede bomber is a wardrobe investment that will elevate your look for years to come.

Billy-Reid-Suede-Bomber Courtesy of Billy Reid


Billy Reid Washed Tee

How many times have you seen a tee styled with something else on Queer Eye? The answer is all the time. This garment-dyed pocket tee has also been featured on the show. It also comes in four other colors and can be the foundation of tons of different outfits.

Billy-Reid-Washed-Tee Courtesy of Billy Reid


Billy Reid Shoals Denim Shirt Courtesy of Billy Reid


Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer

Another one of Tan’s “go-tos” is the blazer with jeans combination. Bonobos is one of the best places to buy suits online and has been featured on Queer Eye before. This unconstructed wool blazer adds a dash of gravitas to anything you pair it with. Like all of the blazers from Bonobos, it’s available in a variety of colors.

Bonobos-Unconstructed-Italian-Wool-Blazer Courtesy of Bonobos


Bonobos Supersoft Fleece Shacket

We’re guessing that Tan loves to use Bonobos because their formal and business-casual apparel looks good on any guy, from XS to XXL. This fleece “shacket” can be worn as outerwear or over a tee. Stylish shirt jackets are a major trend in the menswear world right now, and this is a versatile piece of clothing that’s perfect for transitional seasons.

Bonobos-Supersoft-Fleece-Shacket Courtesy of Bonobos


Rowing Blazers Rugby Shirts

Tan hasn’t taken any of the show’s heroes on shopping trips to Rowing Blazers, probably because the brand doesn’t have any stores in Austin, Philadelphia or Kansas City. However, Tan himself is often spotted wearing famous items from Rowing Blazers, including on the most recent season of Queer Eye. In addition, you may have noticed that Antoni was frequently wearing neon rugby shirts during various episodes of season six, and Rowing Blazers is famous for its uber-hip rugby apparel.

To SPY’s credit, Rowing Blazers is another SPY favorite brand, and it was featured in The 2021 Man, our end-of-year men’s product awards. The particular neon rugby shirt featured below is almost sold out, but Rowing Blazers has plenty more styles and color combinations.

block stripe rugby shirts Courtesy of Rowing Blazers


Rowing Blazers Croquet Vest

Did you also spot Tan’s rainbow-striped vest in the season six episode “The Mis-Inspiration of Reggie Devore”? That’s another famous item from Rowing Blazers. The Croquet Vest is almost sold out, perhaps because it was recently seen on Queer Eye, but the same colorful Croquet pattern is also featured in various sweaters, accessories and shirts from Rowing Blazers.

rowing blazers croquet vest seen on queer eye Courtesy of Rowing Blazers


Kitchen Gadgets Seen on Queer Eye

Antoni Porowski is the king of the kitchen. We love how he makes everything look easy and taste so good. Below are a few of his favorite kitchen tools.


Breville The Q Blender

Chris, the hero from the episode “Gimme Shelter” on season six, learned how to make really yummy protein shakes. He was then gifted a Breville blender; the brand is one of Antoni’s faves.

Breville-The-Q-Blender Courtesy of Breville


Smeg Full-Size Black Right-Hinge Refrigerator

Looking for that stylish retro fridge featured on Queer Eye? Then you’re looking for a Smeg, the vintage-style refrigerator that was featured prominently on season six of Queer Eye. The Italian appliance company creates retro-chic items that range from kettles to fridges. Every kitchen that gets a makeover, gets a Smeg. Yes, they look freaking adorable, but people who own them report a multitude of issues. Problems range from having to defrost the freezer the old-fashioned way, to leaking seals and limited storage space.

smeg-full-size-black-right-hinge Courtesy of Crate & Barrell


Galanz Retro Mini Refrigerator with Dual Door and Freezer

Terri, the woman featured in “Showdown in the Broken Spoke”, had a relatively new Galanz fridge that was replaced by a Smeg. Thing is, Galanz fridges have that same retro appeal as the Smeg, but fewer issues. If you’re looking for a retro-styled fridge, we’d actually recommend going with this brand instead.

Galanz-7.6-cu.ft_.-Retro-Mini-Refrigerator-with-Dual-Door-and-True-Freezer Courtesy of Home Depot


John Boos Reversible Block Chop-N-Slice Maple Wood

Antoni uses John Boos’ cutting boards, and each hero or heroine gets one for their newly remodeled home. It’s a top-of-the-line company that creates cutting boards in a variety of woods.

John-Boos-Reversible-Block-Chop-N-Slice-Maple-Wood Courtesy of Amazon


Global Three-Piece Knife Set

Chefs are protective of their knives. With good reason, as the right kitchen knife can take a dish from okay to stellar. Antoni often relies on Global knives, and this three-piece set will help you make dishes that wow.

Global-Three-Piece-Knife-Set Courtesy of Amazon


Williams Sonoma Open Kitchen Short Tumblers

When it comes to glassware and barware, Williams Sonoma is on the top of Antoni’s list. These short tumbler glasses have been making appearances in every season. They come in a set of six.

open-kitchen-by-williams-sonoma-short-tumblers Courtesy of Williams Sonoma


Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast Iron Round Oven

In season six episode “Angel Gets Her Wings”, as Angel is walking through her redesigned home, this Le Crueset Dutch oven was perched on top of the stove. Cooks all over adore Le Creuset products as they can endure anything. These are true heritage pieces of cookware that look as good as they cook.

Le-Creuset-Signature-Enameled-Cast-Iron-Round-Oven Courtesy of Williams Sonoma


Also Consider: Antoni: Let’s Do Dinner, by Antoni Porowski

Instead of haunting Reddit and other online forums trying to figure out exactly what Antoni made on screen, go to the source. Let’s Do Dinner is his second cookbook. Readers rave about how tasty and easy to make the dishes at home. Use a recipe or two to impress someone and to make yourself an amazing meal.

Antoni-Lets-Do-Dinner-Antoni-Porowski Courtesy of Amazon


Home Decor Seen on Queer Eye

Bobby Berk’s turf is both the inside and the outside of a home. Walking through someone’s garden, he’ll toss off a gem of advice like a soaker water hose really makes grass and plants healthy and bloom. Like Tan, he casts his net wide for home décor and furniture. Brands that he relies on include West Elm, Wayfair, Target, Urban Outfitter, Minted,  and yes, Queer Eye’s brand from Walmart. He makes homes and businesses look warm, welcoming, and functional. Below are items he’s used in various episodes.


3R Studios Metal Wicker Pendant Light

In season six episode “Craw-Zaddy”, Bobby changed up the decor in Plookys. He used wicker pendant lighting throughout the restaurant. If you watched the episode closely, he walked into the restaurant with a Target bag on his shoulder and a pendant lamp in a box. This one looks very similar to the lamps featured on the show.

3R-Studios-Metal-Wicker-Pendant-Light Courtesy of Target


Queer Eye Farnsworth Mid-Century Fireplace TV Stand for TVs

Walmart has a Netflix hub for merchandise and products from the streaming channel’s TV shows and movies, and this TV stand is part of the Walmart Queer Eye collection. Turn your living room up a notch with this TV stand that contains an electric fireplace. It has an attractive wood grain and isn’t too expensive. TV stands with fireplaces have proven to be a huge hit with SPY readers, and we were excited to spot them on Queer Eye makeovers as well.

Queer-Eye-Farnsworth-Mid-Century-Fireplace-TV-Stand-for-TVs Courtesy of Walmart


Wayfair Teele Wide Round Poof Ottoman

Poofs, ottomans and floor pillows like this one pop up in so many living rooms. Bobby’s used this one in his makeovers as well.

Teele-18-Wide-Round-Pouf-Ottoman Courtesy of Wayfair


Urban Outfitters Angelo Rattan Lamp

One of Bobby’s go-to textures is rattan, and this rattan lamp is small yet sophisticated. You’ll find rattan accented furniture and home decor in almost every home Bobby worked on in Austin.

Urban-Outfitters-Angelo-Rattan-Lamp Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


Queer Eye Wynn Wingback Chair

Look familiar? This chic and comfortable faux leather chair was used in season six. This mid-century modern version of a wingback chair boasts vertical tufts on the back and comes in dark gray and white too.

Queer-Eye-Wynn-Wingback-Chair-Camel-Faux-Leather Courtesy of Walmart


Queer Eye Wimberly 5 Drawer Dresser Black Oak

Here’s another piece of furniture spotted in the newest season, also from Walmart’s Queer Eye collection. This dresser can be seen in Reggie’s bedroom after the home makeover is complete. The tall five-drawer dresser has a matching six-drawer dresser and nightstand.

Queer-Eye-Wimberly-5-Drawer-Dresser-Black-Oak Courtesy of Walmart


Queer Eye Quincy Coffee Table

You can spot this coffee table in the fab five’s headquarters. The tabletop looks like it’s floating over the metal frame, and it’s also available via Walmart.

Queer-Eye-Quincy-Coffee-Table Courtesy of Walmart


Grooming & Hair Care Seen on Queer Eye

JVN AKA Jonathan Van Ness dispenses equal measures of self-care wisdom and skin care how-tos. If you’ve squinted at the products he handles, relax your eyes, we’ve figured out what he’s handing out to everyone.


Mario Badescu Essentials Kit

JVN dispenses equal measures of self-care wisdom and skin care how-tos. If you’ve squinted at the products he handles, relax your eyes, we’ve figured out what he’s handing out to everyone.

Mario Badescu Essentials Kit Courtesy of Amazon


Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Curl Cream + Curl Styling Gel Set

Trying to figure out the label of those purple-hued tubes of hair product that JVN used on Josh’s locks in the episode “No More Bull?” It’s the Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk line of hair care products. This set contains defining cream and styling gel, both are designed to make curls look their best.

Not-Your-Mothers-Curl-Talk-Curl-Cream-Curl-Styling-Gel-Set Courtesy of Amazon


Harry Josh Pro Tools Pro Dryer 2000

JVN’s been wielding Harry Josh’s dryer since season one. Ergonomically designed, this blow dryer has eight settings and uses ions to ensure hair is smooth, not frizzy.

Harry-Josh-Pro-Tools-Pro-Dryer-2000 Courtesy of Dermstore


HairClub Capillius Hair Regrowth Cap

In “Showdown at the Broken Spoke”, we learn that Terri, just like millions of men and women around the world, is suffering from hair loss. JVN hands her HairClub’s Capillius Hair Regrowth Cap. This innocuous looking ball cap has a laser device under the lid. Using it only six minutes a day can help promote hair growth.

Read More: Do Laser Hair Growth Products Really Work?

HairClub-Capillius-Hair-Regrowth-Cap Courtesy of HairClub


Mantl The Daily Routine Set

Co-founded by Karamo Brown, Mantl is a new skincare brand. This four-piece set makes self-care a breeze and makes sure your scalp is as protected as your face. The kit includes the  Face + Scalp Age Defense Moisturizer, Face + Scalp Cleanser, Face + Scalp Invisible Daily SPF 30 Broad Spectrum and the No-Shine Sheets.

Mantl-The-Daily-Routine-Set Courtesy of Nordstrom


JVN Hair The Hair Reviver

Jonathan’s own hair care company has products for every type of hair. This set is for hair that’s dry, damaged and stressed out. The vegan, silicone-free, sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner and serum revives brittle hair.

JVN-Hair-The-Hair-Reviver Courtesy of JVN HAIR


Biossance 100% Sugarcane Squalane Oil

Biossance is one of Jonathan’s favorite products, and he raves about it whenever he’s asked about his personal regimen. Made from renewable sugarcane, this is a nuturing oil that’s meant to be applied to damp skin. It can relieve help redness, dry skin and uneven texture. It’s so gentle that it can be used on all skin types.

Biossance-100-Sugarcane-Squalane-Oil Courtesy of Sephora


Also Consider: LEGO Creator – The Fab 5 Loft

For super-fans of the Netflix series, we also want to recommend one final product — the LEGO version of the Fab 5 loft. This building kit also comes with mini-figures of the entire cast, and it’s a perfect desk accessory or gift idea.

lego-queer-eye-loft-set Courtesy of Amazon


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