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How to Wear the Athleisure Trend From Barre to Brunch

Although the weekend is meant for rest and relaxation, that doesn’t always mean our schedules clear, freeing us from obligatory errands and social commitments. Although the fantasy of spending weekends commitment-free with ample time spent lounging at home wearing cozy socks and sweatpants all day long sounds delightful, it likely isn’t rooted in reality.

If you need to get your workout in during the weekend, but have social engagements or errands planned for the rest of the day, you don’t need to feel stuck with your generic leggings + tee + sneaker ensemble for the rest of the day.

These multi-functional looks will withstand your workout, wicking away sweat and allowing you to move freely, while simultaneously looking stylish and social-ready for post-yoga brunch.

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This all-star look is great for hitting the gym, yoga class, or standing out on your morning run. The metallic star print on the Lux Knockout Spring Leggings by Ultracor gives your average performance tights a major style upgrade, adding personality and charm while still looking age-appropriate.

These leggings are suitable to wear during your workout, daily errands, or paired with a long black trench coat for a sporty, yet polished outfit. Ultracor’s Rhombus Silk Bra also feels appropriate for both exercise and leisure thanks to its luxuriously soft fabrication. This bra features on-trend patent leather straps on both the back and front, for a touch of texture. Pair the two together for a breezy look with a touch of sex appeal, or simply add a sheer tee shirt to create a more modest version of the look.

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This versatile Energy Track Celeste Vest by Ultracor also incorporates the on-trend star motif , but with a more subtle rendering. The high-neckline and black zipper give this piece a refined look, while still maintaining its character and personality. This stylish vest doesn’t skimp on function either. The mesh side pockets give it edge while also allowing you to store your keys, phone, and headphones on the go.

Paired with the Picture Perforated Sweatpants designed by body-positive fitness brand, Beyond Yoga, this look offers a contemporary option for rocking the athleisure trend, without reverting to your basic fitness uniform of black leggings and a compression top. The lightweight fabrication with subtle perforation detail in the knee adds a sophisticated edge to these “sweatpants.” Pair these trousers with textured knit sneakers for an edgy street-style look or try it with heels and a silky blouse for an evening-appropriate outfit.

We’ve styled the look with a super fun and durable iPhone case from Skinit. Whether you’re cheering on your favorite team for March Madness or looking for a unique case to express your personality, there are thousands of customizable options at Skinit.

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