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This Custom Shoemaker Just Launched Ready-to-Wear

* Awl & Sundry is releasing their first RTW shoe collection
* Get bespoke quality at great prices
* Pre-order now to save more

Awl & Sundry has made waves in recent years as the online purveyor of made-to-order men’s shoes. Their easy-to-use website gave men the chance to customize a pair of shoes — from classic oxfords to dressy loafers — for under $500. In the same way that women get custom-fitted for new dresses or a new ring, men finally had the opportunity to experience the process of having something specially handmade for them.

Now, five years after Awl & Sundry was first conceived, the brand is stepping into ready-to-wear, with four classic silhouettes that are expertly-crafted — and easy to shop.

Click Here to See the Whole Collection

The other good news: one of the best up-and-coming shoe brands in the country just found a way to cut their prices by more than 50%, with the ready-to-wear collection starting at just $195 for a pair of handmade shoes. It’s making a first purchase all the more palatable to new customers.

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To illustrate the point, I decided to get a price on a pair of custom A&S monks. For my silhouette, I chose the Townsend, which is described as having a slightly elongated profile with a square toe “for a more European look.”

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I kept the foxing, eyestays and toe as similar to the RTW Francesco single strap monk loafer as possible. Choosing plain calf leather and a dark brown colorway, I did take the complimentary monogram, because c’mon, monograms are great.

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Now the moment of truth: $495 for these sweet kicks. Given the risk of buying custom shoes without having tried them on first, it’s understandable why a curious customer might hesitate.

Now compare that to the mere $195 it costs to pre-order the Francesco monks, and it’s easy to see why customers might start clamoring for them. The single strap design creates a lighter feel for a semi-casual loafer that you can wear both to the office and on the weekends. They feature an Argentinian leather outsole, stacked leather heel and blake stitch construction, which means you can resole them. The oxblood colorway has a gently burnished toe that looks really great.

Ready to start browsing? Click HERE to see a gallery of all the available styles. Don’t wait to buy your pair. Once pre-orders end, the price jumps to $225.

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