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These $15 Bag Hooks Will Keep Your Pricey Purses From Ever Touching The Floor

* The Clipa2 is a bag hanger that keeps your purse off the ground
* Has more than 1500 5-star reviews on Amazon
* Available in 7 metallic colors to match your bag’s hardware

Whether you carry the latest Louis Vuitton or an imitation Birkin bag, getting floor grime all over your purse is the worst. It used to be a fact of life that your designer bag was going to touch the ground when you were dining at a restaurant or grabbing a drink at the bar. These days all of that has changed thanks to bag hangers like the Clipa2.

This simple product allows purses to be hung from any surface securely and easily. The spring-loaded ring unhooks to form a c-shape. One end of the “c” can be placed on a hook or flat surface, like a bar or table. The other end of the “c” cradles the straps of your bag, preventing the need to place it on the dirty floor.

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Although the Clipa2 might be most helpful when out and about, it can do so much more than hanging your bag up in a restaurant. It can also secure precious cargo during car trips by attaching to the headrest of the passenger seat. Or it could be used to keep your bag from shifting unnecessarily in high speed environments like trains and planes.

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Plus, there’s no need to actually place the Clipa2 inside your bag. Buy whichever bag hanger matches the hardware on your bag and keep it attached to the handles. This purse hook is available in 7 metallic colors.

Unlike many other products on the market, the Clipa2 has great reviews. Of the 1900 reviews currently on Amazon, more than 85% are 5-star entries. So, for about $15, you’ll get a durable product that will extend the life of your pricey purses.

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