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A Balenciaga x Lay’s Potato Chip Clutch Bag Was The Talk Of Paris Fashion Week — Is It Worth $1800?

Paris Fashion Week wrapped earlier this month, but a unique sighting on Balenciaga’s runway has left people scratching their heads. In a follow-up to its curious Trash Pouch bags, the fashion house recently unveiled its newest collection of handbag designs, one of which arrives in the fashion of — get this — Lay’s Potato Chip bags.

Many don’t know exactly how to feel about Balciencaiga’s latest partnership with Frito Lay.

The confusing design leaves you wondering if this is a genuine fashion statement or if the brand has begun to simply run out of ideas.

Put another way, is it lazy, or iconic?

Perhaps, it’s an attempt to go viral, which would make sense now that social media has become one of the largest marketing tools on the planet. Balenciaga Creative Director Demna Gvasalia had somewhat of a viral moment when he was spotted carrying an actual Lay’s chip bag at the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts graduate show back in June.

Balenciaga has been known for releasing expensively priced viral fashion accessories, like the $1790 Trash Pouch they released earlier this year or the $2145 dupe of IKEA’s popular $0.99 shopping tote that was dropped in 2017.

The Balenciaga x Lay’s clutch bags, which made their debut during Balenciaga’s Summer ’23 “Mud Show” at Paris Fashion Week, look almost identical to a bag of Frito Lay potato chips. So far, we’ve seen these unique clutches in yellow, blue, red, and lime green, seemingly mimicking bags of Plain, Salt & Vinegar, Flaming Hot, and Limon-flavored Lay’s chips, respectively.

I personally would wear any of the four as I tend to gravitate towards over-the-top designs and statement pieces when I dress. I’d also have to admit that this collection has tempted my tastebuds with thoughts of delicious chips as I write.

Amidst their bag’s debut, social users were quick to point out a similar design once sold at AliExpress for just $3, which is a far cry from Balenciaga’s price tag of $1800 for a bag… with no actual chips. An 8-ounce bag of Lay’s chips would run you about $4 at Target, and at least, you’d have something to eat in the end. 

That said, I probably wouldn’t spend $1800 for a chip bag replica, but I’m not totally mad at it either. Would you splurge on this Balenciaga x Lay’s Clutch Bag?


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