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6 Alternatives To Those Balenciaga Sneakers (The Ones That Look Like Socks)

Balenciaga’s Speed 2.0 Sock Sneaker has been a trend-setting bestseller for years at this point, and not just because they look cool. Cardi B gave the kicks a shoutout in her song “I Like It” back in 2018 saying, “I like those Balenciagas, the ones that look like socks”, which made the already popular sneaker a modern classic ever since.

Needless to say, if you can afford the Speed 2.0 Sock Sneakers, we highly recommend picking up a pair. They’re some of the best sneakers for men. Point blank period.

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Courtesy of Nordstrom

Although we would all love a pair of Speed 2.0 Sock Sneaker (Balenciaga anything for that matter), they’re definitely a pricey shoe that most of us can’t afford. But if they’re not in your budget, don’t abandon hope of nailing that futuristic sock sneaker look.

We found a handful of alternatives to the Balenciaga Speed 2.0 Sock Sneaker that offer the same ultra-modern look for a fraction of the price. Check them out below.

1. ASOS DESIGN Knitted Sock Sneakers

These sock sneakers from ASOS feature the same sock-like fit, chunky sole, and futuristic cool that make the Speed 2.0 Sock Sneakers a classic. The only difference? These cost $50. We can’t even explain how much of a difference that is from the $975 pair up top. You can do the math on that one.

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Courtesy of ASOS


2. Santiro Running Shoes

They ain’t red bottoms as Cardi said, but these black bottoms make these Balenciaga alternatives some of the best-looking sock sneakers you can purchase online. They have that futuristic look synonymous with the design with breathable uppers to keep your feet dry. Not only will these make your outfit look 10 times cooler, but they’re perfect for exercising, too.

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3. ALDO Goorari Sneakers

Leave it to ALDO for making some of the coolest-looking Balenciaga sock sneaker alternatives the world ever did see. These all-black babies boast a seriously alien bottom that will have onlookers feel like they’re being abducted. They’re effortless to slip on with the provided back loop to help you wiggle your way. If you’re not fond of black and like to play with color a bit, these are also available in orange and blue.

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Courtesy of ALDO


4. River Island Sock Sneakers

Switch it up with a pair of Balenciaga alternative sock sneakers that boast the look of the 70s staple themselves: the best tube socks. Tube socks are extraordinarily popular when it comes to warmer weather, but this time around, we’re suggesting you ditch the tube sock/high top look for these sock sneakers that combine the two together. Pair them with anything from your growing athleisure collection or switch it up with a pair of jeans.

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Courtesy of ASOS


5. Shein High Top Sock Sneakers

Shein’s been making a name for itself as of late and it’s no surprise as to why after taking a peek at these handsome Balenciaga alternatives. These sock sneaker alternatives are one we’ll never turn a blind eye to. With such an affordable price, a true-to-size fit and a black-on-top-white-on-bottom overtake, how could you go wrong with these?

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Courtesy of Shein


6. Allbirds Tree Toppers

While these aren’t as sock-y as the rest, these sock sneaker alternatives are changing the game with their make and design. The Allbirds Tree Toppers are made with renewable materials to keep them sustainable and eco-friendly. They come in a ton of cool colors, and unlike all-over sock sneakers, these ones have laces.

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Courtesy of Allbirds