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Basquiat’s “Beat Bop” Gets a Clutch Remake

* Alice and Olivia’s latest collaboration features art of Jean-Michael Basquiat
* The perfect evening clutch – it glows in the dark!
* “Beat Bop” was limited to 500 pressings when it was released in 1983

Jean-Michael Basquiat’s legendary cover art for “Beat Bop” can finally be yours and you can tote it around with all your essential everyday carry items.

Designer Stacy Bendet makes use of some of Basquiat’s most iconic work in Alice and Olivia’s latest collaboration. The “Basquiat x A+O” collection includes a variety of tops, bottoms and accessories, that pay homage to the late artist’s work.

This black printed leather clutch features a version of the original artwork that Basquiat designed for “Beat Bop.” It comes with a removable chain strap and is topped off with a knob closure disguised as Basquiat’s signature crown. An added highlight: this version also glows in the dark.

While Basquiat will forever be known for his sense of fashion, the friends he kept, and, of course, for his iconic graffiti art style, you might not know that he also produced one of the most coveted records of all time. “Beat Bop” was released as a single in 1983, with Basquiat also designing the cover artwork. Limited to just 500 pressings, the track is now considered the Holy Grail of hip-hop records for its limited availability and origins.

What started out as an argument between Basquiat and fellow artist Rammellzee (reportedly over who was a superior painter and rapper) eventually led to one of the most influential hip-hop songs of all time. It has not only been referenced by the likes of Jay-Z and Kanye West, but helped to inform the styles of both the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill.

Not only are you buying a tiny bit of history here, you’re also buying an accessory that shows you have impeccable taste in art, fashion and music. Now that’s something worthy holding onto.

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