A Beaded Bracelet Inspired by Bohemian Jewelry from Paris

This Beaded Bracelet is Inspired by

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* Beaded bracelet from noted French jewelry designer
* Howlite and jasper beads paid with 18k gold-plated metal
* Inspired by vintage Parisian designs

We’ve got our eye on the gorgeous jewelry collection by designer Aurélie Bidermann for eye-catching pieces for spring. Combining inspirations of fine architecture, vintage glamour and exotic locales, Aurélie Bidermann makes imaginative pieces that are simply stunning. A renowned signature style of rare metals paired with mixed-media designs make for a beautiful bohemian vibe that’s effortlessly styled and always elegant.

Aurélie Bidermann jewelry has generated a worldwide buzz, all the while maintaining the designer’s eternal sense of nostalgia, magic and wonder. The pieces offer a nostalgic nod to custom-made jewelry that the designer grew up appreciating in Parisian boutiques and on the busy city streets. With a deep passion for these boutiques and craftsmanship, Bidermann developed her technical skills and eventually opened her own jewelry boutique on Rue Saint Honore.

beaded tassel bracelet Aurelie Bidermann

We were delighted when we spotted the Aurélie Bidermann Beaded Bracelet because it is fun, flirty and unique. A layer of howlite and jasper beads surround a sleek gold metal bangle for a sweet balance of earthy and glam. Colorful tassels trim the ends for a cool touch of texture. The piece resembles those custom designs from Paris the designer loves so much. The malleable metal bends easily for the perfect fit, making this a perfect gift that’s both durable and adjustable.

We love the Beaded Bracelet for creating a bohemian luxe look. Pair it with a feminine dress, flowing blouse, or a fabulous structured blazer for easy styling. The beaded bracelet would instantly amp up a solid ensemble, or would be fun to match with a colorful pair of pumps for a flirty look.  The design leaves plenty of room for self expression, so get ready to have some fun.

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