These 10 Beaded Bracelets for Men Will Amplify Any Outfit

beaded bracelet
beaded bracelet

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Beaded bracelets are known as the “hippies” of jewelry, and like, you can definitely see why people think that. I mean, c’mon. They tend to feature some type of leather or elastic and have colorful beads that are either multifunctional or will help align your chakras — do I really need to explain any further? But, of course, I will.

This style of typically comes with a clasp or closure of some sort and feature natural stones. Whether you like colorful options, or natural options or would like an essential oil diffuser on your wrist — yes, that does exist, then a beaded bracelet may be perfect for you. They will offer the right amount of “Boho chic” to any outfit, and in some instances, can add an extra touch of elegance for that finished, elegant look. Also, some have a bigger purpose. For instance, prayer beads are used in many meditative practices that help keep you centered and balanced.

Picking the right jewelry for men is highly personal, and you should look for pieces that truly speak to you. That’s true whether you’re buying beaded bracelets for men, earrings for men or men’s watches. Below, we’ve rounded up our favorite ten beaded bracelet options that feel nostalgic but very modern. So, take a look and see if these are your groove.


1. Ckysee Bracelet


A simple, black band complements this bracelet’s cool lava rock beads nicely. It’s made with natural stone and goes with nearly any look.It features lava stone and is comfortable for daily wearing. It also features soft braided leather and it’s a perfect gift for any man in your life.

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lava rock bracelet Courtesy Amazon

2. M Mooham Tiger Eye Mens Bracelet


This set of aromatherapy bracelets features Tiger Eye, which helps to relieve stress and anxiety. It features natural lava rock and tiger eye that’s eye-catching. Also, lava rock acts as an oil diffuser — just add your favorite essential oil to the lava rock bracelet and it’ll keep you smelling good all day.

M Mooham Tiger Eye Mens Bracelet Amazon

3. Macy’s Men’s Bead and Braided Black Leather Bracelet


It’s sophisticated and will definitely add an elegant touch to any outfit. The Bead and Braided Black Leather Bracelet from Macy’s features stainless steel beads and a snap closure for easy accessibility.

Macy's Bead and Braided Black Leather Bracelet Macy's

4. WRCXSTONE Natural Beaded Bracelet Set


This option comes in 10 color combinations of stones that each have their own distinct healing property. It’s a simple, sleek and comfortable design that will go great with any outfit you put on. It’s unisex and perfect for those with sensitive skin.


WRCXSTONE Natural Beaded Bracelet Set Amazon

5. COAI Double Layer Stone Beaded Leather Bracelet


This two-layer black leather bracelet has beads of neat matte onyx stone. It comes in four color options and a solid magnetic closure. Also, it comes in a box that has a piece of paper with the meaning of the stone featured in the bracelet.

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double layer beaded bracelet Courtesy Amazon

6. MAGIC FISH Imperial Crown Mens Bracelet


This rather eye-catching option from MAGIC FISH comes in 22 options that are sure to suit your fancy. They feature Zirconia beads, black beads and crowns of many different colors. They’re high-quality and will make the right impression every time.

MAGIC FISH Imperial Crown King Mens Bracelet Amazon

7. FIBO STEEL Natural Healing Stone Bracelets


This pack of beaded bracelets come in neutral colors that have more of a unisex vibe. They are made with flexible, strong elastic and don’t feature a clasp. The brand, Fibo Steel, also offers a 90-day products exchange or money-back guarantee.

FIBO STEEL Natural Healing Stone Bracelets Amazon

8. Justinstones Stretch Bracelet


This option is for those who are more looking for a pop of color. This stretch bracelet features natural gemstone and is good for sensitive skin. Oh, each bracelet is unique due to the variability of the stone.

Justinstones 8mm Round Beads Stretch Bracele Amazon

9. Steve Madden Men’s Tiger’s Eye Double Beaded Adjustable Bracelet


Who knew that Steve Madden was in the jewelry business? Certainly not I. Well, this Tiger Eye bracelet from the heritage American brand should be a contender on your list. The beads actually feature stainless steel and is perfect as a gift. Madden used rock and roll as his influence, and you can definitely tell.

Steve Madden Men's Brown Simulated Tiger's Eye Double Beaded Adjustable Bracelet Amazon

10. MONOZO Beaded Chakra Bracelet


This option is really for those who want a more adventurous option. The set comes with two colors — white and black — and seven colorful beads that definitely make someone ask where you got them from. This bracelet strives to help align your chakras and like, who doesn’t need that?

MONOZO Bead Chakra Bracelet Amazon

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