Bellroy Debuts New Everyday Carry Collection to Upgrade Your Daily Haul

Best EDC gear for men.

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You’d want your everyday carry gear to be as well-appointed and well-designed as possible. After all, these are the items you keep close at hand every day (hence the category moniker “Everyday Carry”). There is a new round of daily carriables from one of our favorite brands here at SPY: Bellroy.

The new collection just launched this week, and after taking a look, it’d be a shame not to pick up as many versatile items as possible from the well-known, Australian-based EDC gear maker. The brand is already changing how stylish men and women everywhere sort out their most prized possessions. If ever you’ve unwittingly misplaced your keys or your wallet, you know how crucial it is to be able to find them quickly.

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The great thing is, it’s hard to pick out just one favorite from the effortlessly cool collection, which we’d encourage you to shop ASAP. Luckily, the collection is an expansion of what the brand already does very well. Given that the brand launched with a particular focus on wallets, the new offering gives you even more reasons to carry Bellroy (seriously, we mean it).

Best slim EDC sleeve. Courtesy of Bellroy

Just as with your durable, everyday rugged watch, the small details make the difference, and that’s what Bellroy has set out to perfect with its latest launch of six must-have EDC items. The brand already bills itself as a top resource for “all the things with you” — from its handy tech cases to its RFID-blocking wallets. They’ve upped the ante further with a bold new collection featuring vivid new colors and sustainable materials.

The Bellroy EDC Collection starts at just $39 (for the iPod Jacket and iPod Jacket Pro), and even picks like the downright practical Bellroy Apex Slim Sleeve will set you back no more than $129.

Best flip case for your EDC. Courtesy of Bellroy

The offering includes both a Key Case and a Flip Case — both sized to fit comfortably in your pocket or the palm of your hand and done up in vivid color options such as Racing Green and Toffee. The Bellroy Everyday Carry Collection gets better from there. It includes a super-sleek Mod Phone Case, blended with a wallet for a seamless EDC move, and then sized to fit the newest iPhone.

Best phone case for the new iPhone. Courtesy of Bellroy

Our personal favorite might be the handy watch strap, another fitting Bellroy touch to breathe new life into your most trusted timepieces. Bellroy calls the entire collection “slimmer than ever,” and we must say from the looks of it, we agree. It’s worth noting that even a detail as slight as a new leather “jacket” for your trusted AirPods case can add stylishly considered flair to your daily carry. That’s an easy upgrade we endorse.

The brand says the new, upgraded colors add more energy to its offerings, and again, that’s never a bad thing to add to your daily carry (especially when it comes down to keeping track of those must-have items from sunrise to sunset).

Best slim phone case for your EDC. Courtesy of Bellroy

You can get any of the collection’s innovative items in Bellroy’s most sustainably designed way to date. The group is available in rich, colorful leather, but Bellroy drives home its role as a Certified B Corp by offering each item in Mirum, a plant-based leather alternative. Luxury fashion brands often use this upgrade, but Bellroy’s prices provide a much better bargain.

“Sustainability sits at the heart of the brand and the new collection,” Bellroy CEO Andy Fallshaw told SPY. “At Bellroy, our number one environmental goal is to make products used and loved for as long as possible. There’s a fundamental tension in that goal — while making a carry product that lasts 100 years is possible, if it’s so over-engineered that the product loses its utility and emotional appeal, it will be relegated to a box in your attic, and we will have failed,” Fallshaw said.

Best sustainable watch strap for men. Courtesy of Bellroy

Fallshaw adds that the collection is a mix of “cutting-edge engineering and technology” that still allows for “moments of joy” — the way the leather feels in your hand or the quick, cheeky way a magnet snaps your wallet shut.

“We hope they’re loved even more at day 1,000 than at day one,” he told SPY. The collection itself is a sharp, stylish and vibrant testament to the importance of your daily gear haul, and if Bellroy continues to make EDC upgrades with similar charm and gusto, we’re fully on board.

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