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Ditch That Spare Tire and Get These Ab Trainers to Build a Stronger Core

Toning your abdomen is all about quality nutrition and a strict workout regimen. However, even the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts might want to supplement their routine. There are countless products that claim to deliver an instant six pack. And while this isn’t realistic, ab trainers can be effective for many people.

These products stick to the abdomen with adhesive pads, delivering electric currents that mimic a muscle contraction. The idea is to deliver the outcome of an ab exercise without the crunches. You can also purchase ab trainers that come with body electrodes as well, which stick to the arms, legs, waist, and glutes for full-body training.

Keep in mind that ab trainers aren’t meant to replace your workout. Think of them as additional training at the gym, at work or even at home watching TV. With that said, here are some ab trainers that are worth trying.

1. Flextone Abs Stimulator

Flextone’s product pack includes two six-pack and one eight-pack electrodes, two FlexBody electrodes, two motors, a USB charging cable and carrying pouch. Users can place the FlexBody electrodes on the arms, legs or glutes for a custom experience. You can also use the product to soothe sore muscles after a workout.

Pros: The products has FDA 510K clearance. Flextone’s technical team is responsive to any issues.

Cons: This product is on the pricey side.

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2. Antmona Abs Stimulator

This abs stimulator includes an abdominal electrode pad, two body pads and three remotes. The controls are removable for charging. Pads are flat against the body to hide under clothing. We find these work well when used lounging on the couch, watching TV or generally taking it easy around the home.

Pros: Users can choose from six modes and 10 intensity levels.

Cons: It doesn’t come with a carrying case.

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3. DMoose Fitness Hanging Ab Straps

Not looking for an ab stimulator? These training straps offer another way to tone up. The product hangs from a pull-up bar, allowing users to do leg raises, lifts and vertical crunches. It’s also available in multiple colors.

Pros: The straps can hold up to 400 pounds. This product is made with sweat-resistant and tear-resistant fabric.

Cons: The product is light on padding.

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