21 Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes to Wear to Your Office Party

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Dressing up for Halloween as an adult usually means choosing between a sexified version of a cute animal and something a grandparent might wear while taking the kids trick or treating. That can make picking a costume for a work party like walking through a minefield. You don’t want to end up with something NSFW, but you still want to look cute, professional, and like you put in the effort.

The trick is to look for something modest yet relevant or timeless. For example, these costumes are some of the best adult Halloween costumes for office parties that’ll get you some laughs, maybe an award or two, and they will undoubtedly have you in the spirit of things without making you or anyone uncomfortable. We’ve also got other round-ups on SPY that include Halloween options for work, like best pop culture Halloween costumes and superhero costumes, as well as funny Halloween costumes for couples, and family costumes that allow you to enjoy the holiday with your spouse and/or children. We’ve even got a round-up of sexy couples costumes for when you’re ready to hit adult Halloween parties with your significant other or friends, and more — so be sure to check them out.

That said, when it comes to the best Halloween costumes for work, you’ll want an option that helps you stand out from the crowd without offending your boss or landing you in the HR office. And we’ve got everything you need to take on Halloween at work and more right here.

Take a scroll through our favorite work-appropriate Halloween costumes for 2021 below and decide which one looks like the most fun to you.


1. Harry Potter

Harry Potter costumes are always winners for any Halloween party. Not only are they entirely work-appropriate Halloween costumes, but they’re also widely recognizable and bound to spark conversations among fans of the series.

Man wears a Harry Potter costume; work appropriate Halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


2. Dr. Evil

Get into the Austin Powers film franchise with this Dr. Evil Halloween costume. This officially licensed outfit is made of 100% polyester and comes with a gray jacket with a mandarin collar and gray pants with pockets and elastic waistband. With this on, you’ll instantly look and feel like “one million dollars!”

Dr Evil Halloween Costume, Work-Appropriate Halloween Costumes Courtesy of HalloweenCostume.com


3. Military Fighter Pilot

What’s better than Top Gun? Share some musings with your coworkers about the Tom Cruise classic as you don this sleek and easy-to-wear costume at your office’s Halloween party. This purchase includes the flight suit as well as the embroidered patches on the sleeves. It also comes with aviators and the classic Top Gun Maverick stainless-steel dog tags to finish the costume off perfectly. This costume is not just appropriate; it’s simple, recognizable, and a full-body ensemble that shows your commitment to the holiday.

Top Gun flight suit halloween costume, work appropriate halloween costumes, adult halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


4. Jeff Bezos The Astronaut

Get all dressed up as Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos, who went to space this year donning a cowboy hat. Slip into this spacesuit and top it off with a replica of Bezos’ to win the office Halloween party this year.

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Jeff Bezos Space Halloween Costume, work-appropriate Halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


5. Bob Ross

Every office, every place really, needs the soothing presence of Bob Ross. If you want to jazz the costume up for the office, you can print out a picture of your office or a co-worker with their favorite fluffy little cloud or happy little tree.

Bob Ross costume kit; work appropriate Halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


6. Nerdy Ned Halloween Costume

Dress up like the devoted work-nerd you are this Halloween with this kitschy and fun costume complete with plaid pants, suspenders, glasses and a bow tie. The shirt isn’t included, so you get to be creative with that style choice. There’s a men’s and women’s version of this costume, but we recommend the men’s as it’s far more work-appropriate.

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adult nerd costume, work appropriate Halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


7. Old School Rapper 

Take it back to the old school while at work this Halloween. Made of 100% cotton, this costume is soft breathable, and comfy to wear all day long. Purchase the bucket hat, gold chain and glasses separately to fully commit to this look.

amscan Men Old School Rapper Costume Courtesy of Amazon


8. Royal Story Prince Costume

Who doesn’t love a prince in shining armor when it comes to saving the day at work? If you’re the savior of your office, or even if you’re not, charm everyone with this classic prince charming look from California Costumes. It has a pull-on jacket with a hook and loop closure at the back of the collar. It comes with pants with an elastic waist for a comfortable fit, and the belt has a metal buckle with an easy closure for keeping you secure the whole night. Impress your entire office, and then some with this getup pulled straight from a fairytale.

Men's royalty costume; work appropriate halloween costumes, work halloween costumes, office party, halloween party Courtesy of Amazon


9. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

We’re calling it now. The most popular couples costume for 2021 will be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, aka Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Call dibs on the ultimate Halloween duo by ordering the Maskarade Royal Mask Pack. It includes a pair of 2D masks printed with the faces of the royal couple themselves. Each mask has the eyes cut out and an elastic band for securing the mask to your head.

best adult halloween costumes work party meghan markle prince harry mask Image courtesy of Amazon


10. Groucho Marx

Groucho Marx has arguably the most distinctive appearance of all time. With the classic Groucho Marx Nose Glasses and a fake cigar prop, not only will everyone recognize you, you’ll be giving yourself a license to make all kinds of old-timey puns. Just make sure to fake puff away while you do it for full effect.

Groucho Marx glasses, nose and mustache Courtesy of Amazon

Fake cigar prop pack of four Courtesy of Amazon


11. Super Mario

It’s Super Mario. Need we say more? Of course, it’s a work-appropriate Halloween costume, but this one is also great because, depending on what you have at home (like overalls), you might only need to buy Mario’s signature red M cap.

Super Mario red hat Courtesy of Amazon


12. Yourself on Zoom

If you work in a white-collar job, then you’ve spent the last year-plus on Zoom or another video conferencing service. Going as yourself on Zoom is a bit of a lazy costume, but we’d be willing to bet it will warrant a few chuckles. Even when we’re in person at the office, we still won’t be able to escape Zoom. Just cut a rectangular frame out of the cardboard and use some string or elastic to make a hat. Alternatively, carry the frame in front of your face whenever you’re talking to anyone.

Corrugated cardboard sheets, 36 x 48 inches Courtesy of Amazon


13. Where’s Waldo

If you grew up in the U.S., then you definitely spent time searching for Waldo. It’s a work-appropriate Halloween costume, and anytime anyone finds you, you get to joke about how hard it must have been for them.

Waldo hat, striped shirt and glasses costume; work appropriate Halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


14. Jake from State Farm

Though we suspect nobody at State Farm had any idea just how much of a touchstone Jake from State Farm would become, the helpful fictional insurance agent has become widely recognizable for his polite handling of invasive customer questions. If anyone asks you who you are or what you’re wearing, you know what to do.

Man wears Hanes Men's X Temp Performance Polo Shirt in red Courtesy of Amazon

Hello My Name is name tag stickers Courtesy of Amazon

Man wears Amazon Essentials Men's Slim Fit Casual Stretch Khaki pants Courtesy of Amazon


15. Hand sanitizer

The COVID-19 pandemic, naturally, is an unavoidable topic in 2021. But rather than overshoot by going as the virus itself, which would not be a good look (remember, the death toll is still on the rise), go as a bottle of hand sanitizer. It’s a lot less glib and gives you a chance to promote just how useful you are.

Person wears hand sanitizer bottle costume; work appropriate Halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


16. A Strawberry

Strawberries are everyone’s favorite fruit, right? Perhaps that’s an exaggeration, but dressing as a strawberry for Halloween is appropriate for a work party and perfectly cute. Pull this comfy costume on top of any outfit because it’s one size fits most for adults and is made of high-quality material that’s guaranteed to last you through at least the evening. 

strawberry costume, work appropriate halloween costumes, work party halloween costume Courtesy of Amazon


17. Rasta Men’s Imposta Lightweight Penguin Costume

Who doesn’t love a big fluffy penguin on Halloween? Be the hit of your party without putting in too much effort with this whimsical penguin costume everyone’s bound to remember. This costume includes a polyester outfit, headcover and shoe covers. It’s also super lightweight, so no matter the party’s conditions or your journey to and from, you won’t be weighed down throughout the evening.

penguin halloween costume, work appropriate halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon


21. Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast At Tiffany’s

If you’d rather add a little glam to your office Halloween party, consider dressing as the queen of glam herself, Audrey Hepburn. Her role in Breakfast At Tiffany’s is unforgettable and has inspired thousands of Halloween costumes over the years. Donning a timeless black dress along with gloves, jewels and a cigarette holder will send all the right signals to your coworkers. This costume set comes with a jeweled tiara, fake diamond earrings, a 5-strand pearl choker, long, black gloves and an extendable cigarette holder.

best adult halloween costumes work party audrey hepburn breakfast at tiffany's Image courtesy of Amazon


19. Sterling Archer

Though Sterling Archer of Archer won’t be the most recognizable costume, it’s guaranteed to help you identify your co-workers who know what good animated TV is. Plus, the best part about this costume is walking around with a mandatory glass of whiskey — that and letting off a few of Archer’s wisecracks. You can either pick up a full Archer suit or go for his signature turtleneck and slacks look.

Man wears Adult Sterling Archer costume; work appropriate Halloween costumes Courtesy of Amazon

Derminpro Men's Slim Fit Soft Turtleneck Long-Sleeve Pullover in black Courtesy of Amazon

Man wears Calvin Klein Men's Slim Fit Dress Pants in black Courtesy of Amazon


20. Flo from Progressive

Could your coworkers use a little insurance advice? Tell them about Progressive’s “Compare and Save” feature at your Halloween party. While that would be slightly obnoxious any other day, it won’t be the least bit annoying when you’re dressed as Flo from the Progressive commercials. This set is a cute and safe-for-work costume; this set comes with a white apron printed with Progressive across the front, a Flo name tag, an “I love insurance” pin, a wig, and a blue headband. All you need to do is wear your white shirt and pants to complete the look.

best adult halloween costumes work party Flo Progressive Image courtesy of Amazon


21. Your boss

If your boss has a good sense of humor and also dresses predictably, you might be able to get away with dressing up as them. You know what they say: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


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