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Weekend Debrief: The 5 Most Popular Style Stories Of The Week

* Plus-size fashion for men (yes, it’s a thing)
* The best-selling anti-aging products online
* A collectible necklace that will say “I Love You” 120 times over

This is the weekend to get your style in shape. From products that will help you look younger, to stylish clothes that actually fit (and flatter!) your shape, here’s what everyone is talking about this week.

1. The Best Anti-Aging Products For Men

Everyone gets older, but with the right anti-aging product, you can get older gracefully by preventing wrinkles, correcting sagging, and delaying signs of age. Most women make good use of anti-aging products, but many guys still won’t use a dedicated skin care regime, or struggle to find the right one. To help out, we rounded up some of the best anti-aging products for gentlemen that you can buy on Amazon.

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The 6 Best Anti-Aging Products For Men


2. This Necklace Has “I Love You” Inscribed In 120 Languages To Really Make a Statement

The “I Love You” necklace by Nano Jewelry is a unique statement piece that will be loved and cherished by anyone who receives it. The words “I Love You” are inscribed in 120 different languages (including sign language and braille) using a heart backdrop in 24K gold and set onto a round black onyx gemstone with an 18-inch chain.

The inscription is done using “never seen before” technology which allows placement of a labyrinth of miniature text over the surface of small stones, sometimes only visible with the help of a magnifying glass (which is included with your order). This technology took more than five years of trial and error to perfect, resulting in miniature inscriptions in 24K gold imprinted onto semi-precious stones and crystals. Here’s how to get it.

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The I Love You Necklace Is On Sale Now


3. 6 Chic Alternatives To The TOMS Slip-On Shoe

If you’re buying a fresh new pair of espadrilles this summer (which you should be), chances are you’ll be checking out the TOMS Alpargatas. The Alpargatas is a California rendition of the classic espadrille, and they’ve become a go-to summer shoe over the past few years.

However, TOMS aren’t the only great espadrille on the market – and they’re certainly not the most affordable. We found six pairs of espadrilles that range from just $10 to $30 (TOMS come in at $65), and feature more unique styles. Find your pair here.

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The Best Alternatives to TOMS Shoes


4. The 7 Best Things To Buy From This New Plus-Size Men’s Site

Guys come in all shapes and sizes, but sadly, most clothing brands don’t reflect this. Enter Destination XL. They take all the best big and tall pieces and put them in a single, easy to navigate website. Plus, they make sure to curate the website based on recent trends. It makes shopping for plus-size clothing easier and less intimidating than ever, and finally allows big guys to look stylish too. Here are seven of our favorite pieces from the site.

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The Best Plus-Size Men's Store To Shop Right Now


5. The Best-Selling Teeth Whitening Products on Amazon

Pearly white teeth never go out of style. However, if you don’t want to shell out hundreds for your dentist to whiten your chompers, you’ll need a great at-home teeth whitening product. To help find the right product, here are eight of the best-selling teeth whitening products that are sure to brighten your smile (without hurting your wallet).

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The 8 Best Teeth Whitening Products on Amazon