The 10 Best Pairs of Unisex Aviator Glasses Under $30


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* Classic aviators never go out of style
* Top-rated UV protection
* The ultimate look in sunglasses

Some looks never go out of style. Aviator glasses have been around for nearly a century and for good reason: They look great on men and women. They flatter almost any face shape. They have attitude to spare in every pair. And, when they’re under 30 dollars like these ten picks, they’re certainly worth a second look.

1. WearMe Pro Pilot Style Aviator Sunglasses

The classic look for a killer price. These WearMe Pro Pilot Style Aviator Glasses feature polarized lenses for a clearer view.


2. Duduma Aviator Sunglasses

Duduma Aviator Sunglasse are unisex and feature smoke lenses that deliver UV400 protection to block out 99% of UVB and UVA rays. Plus, the lenses are shatterproof.


3. J+S Premium Military Style Aviator Sunglasses

Protect your peepers with these J+S Premium Military Style Aviator Sunglasses. The metallic alloy frame is ultra lightweight, yet strong and durable. These glasses are great for driving, fishing, skiing, and more activities.


4. Bloomfield Classic Aviator

These Bloomfield Classic Aviators block the sun and attract plenty of attention thanks to their stylish design. And, you can count on them for years thanks to their durable frame and polarized polycarbonate lenses.


5. Zacway Aviator Sunglasses

If you’re looking for some indelible his and her style, we suggest these imported Zacway Aviators. He’ll look top gun. She’ll be all attitude. And, together, you’ll never have to worry about too-bright sun in your eyes.

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6. Retro Round Aviator Sunglasses

These Retro Round Aviator Sunglasses from GAP put a cute spin on the traditional aviator style. They fit great and come with a soft material bag for storing.

eyewear Image Courtesy of The Gap

7. O-LET Aviator Sunglasses for Women & Men

O-Let Aviator Sunglasses are made with real glass lenses, which stop UV spectra rays to ensure superior optical clarity. The handmade steel frame looks sharp and wears comfortably. And, they make a fantastic gift for him or her.



best aviator sunglasses Image courtesy of Prive Reveaux

Here’s a pair of aviators that really make a bold statement. The G.O.A.T. does away with the dark and mysterious look of traditional aviators in exchange for a lighter, brighter, pinker presentation you won’t soon forget.


9. The Commando

The name says it all. The Commando Aviator Sunglasses keep you and your style fresh with deeply colored lenses that stand out from the crowd. They’re made with triacetate cellulose to provide maximum optical clarity and 100% UV protection. Available in gold, silver or black frames.

eyewear Image Courtesy of Prive Reveaux


10. Gold Aviator Green Mile Highs

These Gold Aviator Green Mile Highs deliver crystal-clear optics, all-day comfort, and classic aviator style. Top it off with the impact-resistant UV400 protection lenses to keep your eyes safe and they’re sure to become your new go-to eyewear. Just add your favorite bomber jacket and you’re all set.

These are from Knockaround Sunglasses, which, as the name suggests, encourage you knock around their frames because they’re that durable.

eyewear Image Courtesy of Knockaround

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