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The 7 Best Basketball Shoes For On and Off the Court

Basketball and footwear trends have always gone hand and hand. While some of the best athletes in the world are putting performance sneakers to the test on the court, off the court their footwear game has always been emulated by the fans. Even for the athletically-challenged, basketball shoes are a staple of any guy’s rotation, and finding the right one means assessing one’s own daily routine. Air Force 1’s still see high demand, while Converse All Stars have been co-opted by both the preppy and punk rock communities. 

Just about any outfit can benefit from the combination of basketball shoes and casual elegance. Like with any other fashion accessory, pulling off basketball shoes with the off-the-court style is about familiarizing yourself with the different options, remaining true to your sense of style, while being fearless about taking risks. Here, we’ve rounded up our selection of the best basketball shoes for every kind of guy.

According to Andrew Almasy, senior data scientist at StockX, the top-traded sneaker silhouettes on the market are the Nike Dunk and the Jordan 1 in the past two years. Nike, Jordan, Adidas, New Balance, and Converse all held the top five spots on Stock X’s list of the best selling sneaker brands in 2022 too.



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The Air Force 1 is one of the most recognizable basketball shoes on the planet. Its staying power is tied to its accessibility and timeless design, but has sustained relevance in pop (and urban) culture by way of collaborations with iconic figures in sports and entertainment. They’re the perfect shoe for heading to the grocery store, driving the kids to school, riding the bike to work, or playing in a pickup game.


While the celebrity backing of Nike Dunks ebbs and flows, it remains a relatively stylish shoe to wear for casual occasions. There are plenty of colorways and collabs to choose from, so it’s all about preference. However, after the hype dies down for limited releases, the “Panda” dunks lead the pack as the most popular and versatile.


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Air Jordan 1s are undisputed, as one can assume, the king of collectible basketball shoes. Fans go haywire and snatch up every release. While they can prove very difficult to obtain, particularly in popular colorways, you can discover a number of styles available in low, mid, and high cuts.



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Nothing beats a classic. More than 100 years old, Converse are considered a staple basketball shoe that has spanned generations. Chuck Taylor’s are a symbol of nonconformity, whether you’re a basketball star or just a college graduate wearing funky colored ones under your robes.


Traditionally, New Balance falls short in competition with Nike and Adidas—though within recent years, the brand’s performance-turned-lifestyle shoes have regained star power. With the help of collaborative editions spearheaded by Aime Leon Dore, the 550 silhouette has reached a broader audience and propelled to heights untouched during its original run.


$70.00 – $145.00

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Nike’s Blazer line has firmly cemented itself as lifestyle-oriented, albeit the kicks have basketball origins. The high-tops have enough simplicity to pair with a suit, slipping under pants, and are a solid option for shorts-wearers in the warmer seasons. Furthermore, this style is perfect to withstand the wear and tear of skateboard sessions.



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If you’re looking for basketball-inspired footwear to coincide with your day-to-day looks, feast your eyes on Rick Owens’ high-top buffed calfskin sneakers. Constructed with side zippers, clean lines and a lace-up vamp, this option is more pricey, but brings you closer to living like a true rockstar.