Hit the Sand in Style With 9 Men’s Beach Pants Made for Summer

mens beach pants
Courtesy of Urban Outfitters & Bonobos
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Let’s face it, given the copious amounts of food and alcohol, lack of exercise and little sunshine we’ve gotten during quarantine, some of our bodies aren’t necessarily beach-ready. Maybe you could pass for a 600lb Casper the Friendly Ghost. Maybe that’s just me, who knows. Thankfully, a strange new trend has risen from the Marianas Trench of the men’s fashion world to save us all — beach pants. Yeah, you read that right. Beach pants.

Beginning their existence solely in awkward family photos (like short shorts for men) covering dads’ legs across the globe, these unlikely slacks are coming back in colors and styles that are actually, dare I say, hip. Lined at the waist with a drawstring design, these post-quarantine pants have reentered the fashion scene at just the right time, too, because we know damn well I cannot button a button right now.

Whether you have a beach wedding in your future or just hate getting sunburned, a cool pair of beach pants will stylishly cover those beer bellies and pale legs alike as the weather warms up. So, keep reading for the best beach pants for men to rock this summer.


1. UO Wide Wale Corduroy Beach Pant


If you’re ready to dive right into the beach pant trend, look no further than Urban Outfitters’ Wide Wale corduroy beach pants. Offering a wide-leg design in colors ranging from dark brown to lavender, these are an easy slip-on option that can look great on anybody. No matter where you’re headed, these ready-to-go trousers will get you there all while looking and feeling your best this summer.

UO Wide Wale Corduroy Beach Pant Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

UO Wide Wale Corduroy Beach Pant



2. Goodthreads Slim-Fit Washed Chino Drawstring Pant


We’re all for multipurpose usage here at SPY, so these pants have our names written all over them. Merging that classic office look with a vibe that exudes “margarita in hand in St. Lucia,” the duality of these beach pants allows for both work and play. They’re made with breathable cotton for all-day comfort that’s hard to top. And, with a price at just $30? We’ll take five.

Goodthreads Slim-Fit Washed Chino Drawstring Pant Courtesy of Amazon

Goodthreads Slim-Fit Washed Chino Drawstring Pant



3. Bonobos Off Duty Pants


If you’re one to pay close attention to trends, you’ll know that joggers have essentially been the staple of the past year for both comfort and fashion purposes. Combining the jogger aesthetic with the looseness and versatility only beach pants have to offer, these handsomely green, vintage-inspired slacks blend so many styles into one—and they do it way too well.

Bonobos Off Duty Pants Courtesy of Bonobos

Bonobos Off Duty Pants



4. Gap Easy Pants


Designed to be the most comfortable thing you’ll throw on your body all summer, Gap’s Easy Pants takes the beach pant look to the exact place it needs to be — to the beach. This beige color has the perfect seaside feel, so it will pair perfectly with whatever you choose to wear them with, whether you’re topping the look off with a tee, polo or nautically-themed shirt.

Gap Easy Pants Courtesy of Gap

Gap Easy Pants



5. BDG Denim Beach Pant


The best men’s jeans don’t always need to conform to traditional denim standards — just check out these denim beach pants from BDG at Urban Outfitters. With a drawstring top, these jeans lose the most common zipper/button duo and allow for wearers to simply tie and go. Because they’re jeans, we’re 100% sure they’ll match just about whatever you pair them with this summer. Simply put them on and head right out.

BDG Denim Beach Pant Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

BDG Denim Beach Pant



6. ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Ankle Grazer Pants


These flecked beach pants are made for all of your non-denim days this summer. They have a grey overtake with a flecked consistency throughout that looks a lot like sweatpants, but don’t get it twisted, these are made for wearing out in the sun. Match these with a cool black band tee when it gets a little darker out and all-black sandals for a fit perfect for a beachside bar.

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Ankle Grazer Pants Courtesy of ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Wide Fit Ankle Grazer Pants



7. SHEIN Striped Drawstring Waist Pants


Love ’em or hate ’em, SHEIN’s got a ton of affordable clothing options that fits men of all shapes and sizes. With that said, these easy to pull-on striped pants have summer written all over them. The relaxed silhouette and old-timey exterior are really sending us back to 1950 Jersey Shore boardwalk in the best way possible. Paired with a casual tee or short-sleeve opened button shirt, pulling that beachy look will be a breeze.

SHEIN Striped Drawstring Waist Pants Courtesy of SHEIN

SHEIN Striped Drawstring Waist Pants



8. UO Embroidered Corduroy Beach Pant


Looking to have a little fun with your look this summer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. From the beach to the streets these drawstrings will have you looking decked in an eclectic style that will most definitely turn a head or two. These are the exact pants you saw in our number one spot, just with added embroidered rainbow smiley faces plastered all over them for the added touch you didn’t know you needed. But, these aren’t the only pattern — they’re available in a few more fun colors with more embroidered options such as flowers, hearts and peace signs.

UO Embroidered Corduroy Beach Pant Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

UO Embroidered Corduroy Beach Pant



9. 28 Palms 100% Linen Pant


Fine, fine, you’re craving that old-school family beach photo look that only exists in outdated scrapbooks. We don’t get it, but we’ll give it to you. These linens straight off Amazon have everything you need to keep it classic. Although they come in a few colors, these bright white slacks really hit home with the nostalgia, and we know damn well that’s why you came here.

28 Palms 100% Linen Pant Courtesy of Amazon

28 Palms 100% Linen Pant