5 Edgy Mala Bead Bracelets For Men Who Meditate (Or Just Want to Wear Something Cool on Their Wrists)

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* Meditation beads for the understated gentlemen
* Made with steel and onyx beads from the brands like Ben Sherman and Original Grain 
* Modern designs for your centuries-old practice 

Many of us are still perfecting and modifying our practice of meditation (both on and off the cushion). But through this journey, we are insistent that we not sacrifice our style when making our way from work to the yoga or meditation studio.

And while there are some contemporary pieces of tech that are intended to help us elevate our practice, like this brain-sensing headband, we love these old-fashioned modalities from the Eastern practitioners themselves. The high-end designers from some of our favorite men’s accessories lines have tapped into the trend of beaded bracelets that double as meditation aids. The beaded bracelets are designed to help you count your mantras while meditating, thus increasing your ability to focus on breath work while giving your mind something to occupy itself with.

Whether you wear them stacked on either wrist or paired with a fitted suit, these five bracelets make a great addition to the ancient practice of mindfulness while maintaining a style very much of the now.

1. Ben Sherman Stone Bead Bracelet

English designer, Ben Sherman, showcases his modern taste with a whimsical edge as seen in this black stone bracelet featuring an owl engraved onto the sterling silver bead of this adornment.

Ben Sherman black bracelet Courtesy of Nordstrom



2. Rosewood Onyx Bead Bracelet

A dark-magic kind of vibe imbues these meditation mala beads fastened with steel and reclaimed rosewood onyx beads. Check out the adjustable pulls to customize the size and the branded bead with the name, Original Grain.

Rosewood onyx bracelet Courtesy of Nordstrom


3. Original Grain Wood Bead Bracelet

For a night out, we recommend stepping up your game with this Original Grain beaded bracelet that effortlessly fits metallic steel beads and reclaimed whiskey-barrel wood beads together on one elegant strand.

Original Grain Wood Bead Bracelet Courtesy of Nordstrom



4. Blue Onyx Bracelet

This hippie-esque beaded design makes a colorful statement with its natural blue onyx beads that would look great stacked along with a few other more neutral beaded bracelets. The onyx gives you just a touch of shine without being obnoxious.

Blue onyx bracelet Courtesy of Nordstrom



5. Yankee Stadium Wood Bracelet

This fully adjustable, eco-bracelet utilizes a mix of steel and reclaimed wood from the actual Yankee Stadium in New York City. The polished wood gives off a subtle sheen while remaining neutral for the wearer. Honestly, this bracelet is also a great excuse to start a conversation with someone just for the history of the beads’ origin.

Yankee Stadium Wood Bracelet Courtesy of Nordstrom

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