Tie Together Your Favorite Cold-Weather Looks With the Cherry on Top: Your Favorite Beanie

Everlane Cashmere Rib Beanie
Courtesy of Everlane

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At this point, the majority of America has experienced snowfall in 2021. Even places that rarely ever see more than a dusting have experienced a tumultuous amount of snow that in some cases, became quite deadly. It’s with no surprise that given the low temps across the entire country, we need to layer up. It’s time to grab your best puffer jacket, a scarf, gloves and your best beanies to fight off this cold spell the only way we can — with layers on layers on layers.

Our favorite winter-ready accessory for keeping warm? Beanies, by far. Not only do they keep your head warm, but beanies for men have the ability to fully tie together your fall ‘fits. Wearing a bomber and ripped jeans to the pumpkin patch? Throw on a beanie. College crewneck and your best joggers? Throw on a beanie. Corduroy jacket and corduroy pants to match? Too much corduroy, guy, we don’t recommend it. But, nonetheless, throw on a beanie.

If it’s time for a bit of a beanie upgrade, or a beangrade, if you will, then we’ve got tons of options for you. And, no, we’re not going to apologize for inventing the word “beangrade.” Whether you’re going for a more monotone look this season, you’re trying to heat things up with a pop of color, or you’re just browsing other beanies before inevitably buying another Carhartt Watch Hat beanie, we’ve gone some dope choices listed below. All of these beanies will your head cozy and style on fleek.

Read on for our list of the best beanies for men below!


1. Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat A18


It would be wrong for us to say that this beanie won’t be the staple to your everyday outfits this season, simply because it doesn’t get more classic than Carhartt. There really isn’t much to this beanie given its simple, solid color design, but the Carhartt logo adds the “cool” factor you just don’t really get from any other brand. It has the versatility that a lot of fashionable beanies don’t, because it’s casual enough to wear with a light jacket and warm enough to wear while trudging around on a commute through the snow. This Carhartt beanie available in 25 different colors, try the hat in all black or fluorescent lime and claim your cool-weather look.

Carhartt Acrylic Watch Hat A18 Courtesy of Amazon


2. Top Level Beanie


You don’t really need to spend all your bones on a decent beanie. If all you’re looking for is a way to warm your head and stay stylish during the fall, look no further than this beanie from Top Level. There really isn’t anything particular to it that sets it aside from anything at a heftier price range. It fits comfortably, is easy to adjust and warms up that noggin. Coming in at only 12 inches long, it doesn’t display any extra material like some beanies do and fits perfectly to your head no matter its size. Over 20 colors available, all ranging from darker and more muted tones to brighter pinks and yellows. At just $9, we honestly recommend you snag a few.

Top Level Beanie Courtesy of Amazon


3. adidas Originals Trefoil Beanie


You simply can never go wrong with adidas and that’s a fact. Stay warm and look handsome with this all-black, white logo beanie ready to keep your head cozy in the most chilly of temperatures. It has a soft flat-knit construction so it won’t look too bulky on and is complete with a fold-up brim so you can rep adidas’ logo day in and day out. There are a number of colors available, but we’re going with black this time around for its ability to match with just about anything.

adidas Originals Trefoil Beanie Courtesy of Amazon


4. Everlane Cashmere Rib Beanie


We know, $65 for a beanie seems pretty ridiculous, but what if we told you that it was cashmere? Like, just imagine what this might feel like whilst swaddling your cranium. The Everlane cashmere rib beanie will be your best friend this winter as you leave your heated apartment for the frigid outdoors. It does what other beanies don’t have the power to do and keeps your head warm, soft, fresh and cozy day in and day out. Made from certified grade-A cashmere directly out of Inner Mongolia, this will, in fact, be the softest, most durable beanie you ever wear.

Everlane Cashmere Rib Beanie Courtesy of Everlane


5. Timberland Logo Cuffed Beanie


Cheerleaders and beanies have a lot more in common than you might think. This pom pom beanie from Timberland effortlessly classic in its design, because who doesn’t love a good pom pom to top off your look? Sport this with your favorite pair of Tims this season, because we know you’ve been dying to break them out since the first chilly day this past August. Well, now is finally the time. Rock your Tims from head to toe unapologetically.

Timberland Logo Cuffed Beanie Courtesy of Amazon


6. ASOS Design Slouchy Beanie 2 Pack


Why have one when you can have two? With this ASOS two-pack, you’ll be getting two stylishly slouchy, neutrally-colored beanies for just $13.50 — which is a damn steal. Although they’re both incredibly plain overall, adding one of these to your head will bring a little pazazz even with their neutral coloration. Both beanies are a bit longer than the average, so they’ll definitely hang off the back of your head a little bit, but it’s intentional. Additionally, we don’t suggest either of these for warming purposes because they honestly aren’t of the best quality, but for the price, they’re still worth the buy for pulling together a stellar look this season.

ASOS Design Slouchy Beanie 2 Pack Courtesy of ASOS


7. FULLLIGHT TECH Bluetooth Beanie Wireless Headphones


Take your look to the next level with a beanie that doubles as your new go-to music player during the colder months. Blast your favorite tunes without ever sticking in your earbuds or throwing on a set of headphones, because this hat has the ability to play music right into your ears through its innovative design. It works with Bluetooth technology so you can play hits or take calls wire-free. This is excellent for the always-on-the-go type of guy, or for somebody who loves to play music while they ski or snowboard. Worried about horrible battery life? Don’t be. Each hat is able to play continuous music for up to 16 to 20 hours after a full charge. Try getting that from a beanie alternative.

FULLLIGHT TECH Upgraded Bluetooth Beanie Hat Wireless Headphones Courtesy of Amazon


8. Supreme New Era Box Logo Beanie


If keeping your head warm isn’t your only priority, consider this dope-looking Supreme logo beanie to rep your favorite streetwear brand this season. This beanie is for hypebeasts willing to give an arm and a leg to keep in style. As you could imagine, this beanie sold out forever ago, but lucky for you, Farfetch has a few rarities you can get shipped right to your door — for a price. Yeah, this hat will cost you well over $500, so just make sure it’s worth it.

Supreme New Era Box logo Beanie Courtesy of Farfetch


9. Home Prefer Beanie


While the newsboy look is pretty out of style when it comes to knit caps, buck up the courage to singlehandedly bring back the trend in 2021. Brimmed beanies are an outdated look we can get behind for their happy medium between your classic, warming beanie and your favorite sun-shielding baseball cap. Considering traditional beanies don’t block the sun in the slightest, this brimmed beanie is an excellent way to keep the sun out of your eyes while staying cozy at the same time.

Home Prefer Beanie Courtesy of Amazon


10. Chinatown Market X Smiley Beanie


Bring good vibes only into winter-ready style with this Chinatown Market x Smiley beanie. Unlike the majority of beanies we have listed, this one will help you stand out from the crowd with your head clad in bright orange. It’s made with a stretchy knit fabric to fit most head shapes and is complete with a smiley patch to help spread positivity wherever you’re going.

Chinatown Market X Smiley Beanie Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


11. Beechfield Rustic Fleck Beanie


Who doesn’t love a sporadic fleck pattern? This incredibly cozy beanie from Beechfield has that deliciously handsome paint splatter style knitted directly onto it, giving us not only a majority of maroon but various blues, whites, pinks and purples, too. It’s a trend that will never die and a hat that will never make your head cold again.

Beechfield Unisex Rustic Fleck Beanie Courtesy of Amazon


12. 99% IS Brown Bird Head Beanie


Yeah, it’s ridiculous, but hey, it’s fashion. Live out your pigeon fantasy with this iconic bird head beanie specifically designed for eating bread crumbs off of the dirty floor. It has peering, desolate eyes the same way regular, “real life” pigeons do so you will feel one in the same amongst your feathered city-dwelling brethren. For just under $450, this baby could be yours.

99% IS Brown Bird Head Beanie Courtesy of SSENSE


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