The 6 Best Men’s Belts You Can Wear to the Office and a Date

Best Belts for Men: Wear These
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* Versatile belts that can go from work to your date
* From brands including Vineyard Vines and Calvin Klein
* Belts for every style and price point

Guys don’t have a ton of options when it comes to accessories, which is why our belt choice has to be on point. The right belt can perfectly tie an outfit together, adding some character and even making you look slimmer and taller.

But there’s really only two occasions when your shirt should be tucked in and your belt exposed: at work and on a date. So to help find a belt that will look great on both occasions, we rounded up some stylish options that will make a statement both in the office, and on your date after work.

1. Levi’s Men’s Casual Belt

Every guy should own a plain leather belt, and most guys do, but there’s one problem: they don’t get rid of them. If you’ve had the same leather belt for years (or decades), replace it with this affordable, classic leather belt from Levi’s.

Brown Leather Belt Levi's Image courtesy of Amazon

Levi's Men's Casual Belt



2. Calvin Klein Reversible Leather Belt

A reversible leather belt is great for going from the office to your date. We like this one from Calvin Klein because one side features a clean-cut brown leather, while the other side has a statement-making CK logo pattern.

Logo Belt Calvin Klein Image courtesy of Amazon

Calvin Klein Reversible Leather Belt


3. Nike Reversible Leather Belt

Another stylish reversible belt is this one from Nike. Even though it comes from the athletic-wear kings, it’s actually very chic and sophisticated with a black or white color on pebble-grain leather.

Reversible Belt Nike Image courtesy of Nordstrom

Nike Reversible Leather Belt



4. Vineyard Vines Club Belt

Your belt can be a great way to add some charm to your outfit. We think this Vineyard Vines club belt does a great job of adding that little something extra because it subtlely upgrades your look with some nautical style.

Sailor Belt Vineyard Vines Image courtesy of

Vineyard Vines Club Belt



5. Torino Leather Co. Diamond Calf

This Torino belt exudes sophistication. It’s made of premium Italian calfskin and topped off with a satin nickel buckle. It’ll look good in the office, on your date, and, well, just about anywhere.

Perforated Leather Belt Italian Image courtesy of

Torino Leather Co. Diamond Calf



6. Vineyard Vines Anchor Belt

This Vineyard Vines belt finds a perfect middle ground between playful and serious — which is exactly what your date (and your boss) is looking for. It features a classic leather construction, but replaces the typical buckle with a brass anchor.

Anchor Belt Vineyard Vines Image courtesy of

Vineyard Vines Anchor Belt



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