Waist Watchers: The 4 Best Belt Styles For Any Occasion

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* A comprehensive range of belts for every occasion
* Belts for the office, a night out or even heading off on a trip abroad
* The list includes an option for both men and women for each style

You may think that a belt is a belt and that it does nothing more than keep up your pants. But you’d be wrong. In our list of handpicked belts, we show you that a belt can be so much more. It can complete an outfit or even provide an additional pocket for keeping your valuables safe.

1. The Best Men’s Belt for the Office: The Reversible Horseshoe Buckle Belt

A reversible belt is a must-have if you like to mix things up. This buckle belt appears to be just a standard black belt until you give the object a spin and discover a second brown belt is revealed on the other side. The double sided belt means you’ll rarely be without a suitable match for your outfit.

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2. The Best Women’s Belt for the Office: The Reversible Belt

Providing maximum versatility, the reversible brown-black belt offers a 2-in-1 solution to all your office outfit dilemmas. No matter the color suit you want to wear, you can rest assured that brown or black is going to match pretty much anything in your wardrobe.

womens reversible belt Merona Image courtesy of Target


3. The Best Men’s Belt for Travel: The Fashionable Travel Belt

Using a clever travel belt ensures that your money is always out of sight from thieves yet remains right next to you. One of the best travel belts on the market, the Pacsafe Cashsafe features a hidden pocket yet looks just like a normal belt, melding style and function into one.

best travel belt pacsafe Image courtesy of Amazon


4. The Best Women’s Belt for Travel: The All Terrain Money Belt

The last thing you want when you’re away is to discover that your personal money has been taken. A normal looking money belt, like the Eagle Creek Money Belt, ensures that’ll never happen by providing a safe space tight to your body where you can keep your cash. This jet black belt also features a plastic buckle to make airport security a breeze.

womens money travel belt Eagle Creek Image courtesy of Amazon


5. The Best Men’s Belt for Sports: The Flexible/Concealing Belt

The best option for a sports belt is definitely something that is both flexible and concealing. The FlipBelt fits that bill. This helpful belt makes working out with your phone easy by providing a waist-high pocket which is tight to your body, preventing any distracting up and down movement during your workout. The FlipBelt also ensures you don’t have to worry any of your belongs falling out while you run. Available in a range of colors, this sports belt will make sure you look great while getting your sweat on.

mens sport belt flipbelt Image courtesy of Amazon


6. The Best Women’s Belt for Sports: The Lean Waist Pack

Men and women alike need a lean waist pack that provides plenty of storage space during workouts. Whether you’re running a marathon or hitting the weights, this stylish Nike waist pack is ideal for keeping your phone, keys and other small items on your person.

womens sports belt Nike pack Image courtesy of Amazon


7. The Most Fashionable Men’s Belt: The Classic Brown Belt

If you’re heading out for the night, there is nothing better than a classic brown belt. Whether you’re wearing jeans or something a bit more formal, brown leather is always in. And the Swiss Gear belt accomplishes this classic look. Featuring a solid metal buckle and striking contrasting stitching, this luxury brown belt is made to catch people’s attention. While also keeping your pants in place, the appealing accessory will give you plenty of confidence as you head out the door.

mens brown belt Swiss Gear Target Image courtesy of Target


8. The Most Fashionable Women’s Belt: The Double Buckle Belt

A belt that’s sure to have you standing out from the crowd, a double buckle belt is ideal for high-waisted pants and shorts. With twice the normal number of belt buckles, it will draw attention to the thinnest part of your body — your waist. In this particular model, the slick black color is offset by silver buckles to produce a look that could match into several casual outfits.

womens double buckle belt Target Image courtesy of Target