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4 Blanket-Scarves to Keep at Your Desk For Chilly Office Days

* Wear in multiple ways to keep warm at work or on the go
* Plenty of color options to match with your style
* Great gift idea for the man or woman in your life

If you do not own an oversized scarf, then it might be time to scroll down and pick your favorite. These are the ultimate multitaskers and can be worn a ton of different ways for a ton of different occasions and will accompany you on every single upcoming trip you take.

The beauty of these scarves (or however you would like to refer to them) are their size – luxuriously oversized, they can be worn as wraps, scarfs, mufflers and best of all, used as a blanket. You know those days: you are sitting in your freezing office behind your desk wondering why you didn’t wear a jacket on the coldest day of the year? That is when these will come in handy. These also make for a chic travel blanket, meditation shawl and even a yoga rug in a pinch.

Below are some great stylish options that are lightweight enough to go with you everywhere, yet warm enough to serve their purpose. These also make for great gifts for all the upcoming birthdays, holidays or any special occasions that will be here before you know it.

1. Longwu Cashmere Wool Scarf

The Cashmere Scarf by Longwu is a generous 31″x78″ which allows you to wear as a wrap, scarf, shawl, pashmina or even carry as a warm travel blanket on your next flight out of town. A fashionable complement to any outfit, this scarf is available in multiple colors and patterns that can be worn for any occasion, day or night, worn alone or layered over other clothing. Extremely soft, this scarf will elevate any outfit while keeping you warm, cozy and comfortable all day long.

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2. likemary Merino Herringbone Scarf & Blanket

The likemary Herringbone Scarf is made from the softest, 100% merino wool with hand knotted fringing by a fairtrade cooperative of weavers in the Indian Himalayas. Very generous in size, this scarf can be worn as a muffler or wrap and used as a blanket when the weather gets cooler, yet is lightweight enough and can easily be folded into a purse or bag when traveling.

Due to its unique origin, only a limited number of these scarves are woven each year and you can be assured you probably won’t see anyone else wearing the same exact scarf.

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3. likemary Merino Wool Muffler Scarf

Another great blanket scarf option is this 100% Merino Wool Muffler Scarf by likemary. This version is also hand-loomed in the Himalayas thus only a limited number can be produced. Its very large size lends itself to pure comfort and versatility – style as a muffler, scarf, wrap, meditation shawl, travel blanket and yoga rug. This men’s scarf will keep you plenty warm anywhere you go, and is available in five different colors. Pair with your everyday jeans and a jacket, or dress it up over a suit and coat for your next date night.

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4. likemary Merino Wool Blanket Scarf

Our last versatile option is the Merino Wool Blanket Scarf by likemary. This handwoven, 100% merino wool scarf is a great modern option with its frayed fringing and horizontal tonal stripes at either end. Perfect to wear as a daily scarf or wrap, this is also light enough to take with you while traveling and will keep you warm wherever you may go. Available in three different, easy-to-wear color options, the black with gray stripes makes a modern statement and would look especially striking dressed up for a night on the town.

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