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The Best Blazers That Fit in with Weekend Plans and the Occasional Office Appearance

A blazer, much like a white dress shirt and a pair of dark jeans, is a menswear item that is the basis for dozens of outfits. You can find the best blazers for men that fit in with weekend plans and the occasional office appearance. Why? Because the best blazers for men can go with both jeans and trousers.

Men’s blazers add a polished look to your appearance, broadening your shoulders and delivering a slimmed-down appearance through the waist (like a “V-shape,” almost), so there’s plenty that one of the best blazers for men can add to your wardrobe. Look for a jacket in a more casual, perhaps more stretchy fabric than your suit jacket, the kind of stylish blazer for men you can wear with polished, tailored chinos or expertly cut jeans in equal measure.

But how do you know the best blazer for you? Normally, we’d suggest going into a store or consulting a tailor, but as there are times when you really need a blazer but can’t get to your favorite store, so shopping online is your best bet these days. But, fear not! We here at SPY know a thing or two about blazers. So before we list our favorite men’s blazers, we’ll walk you through what proper fit looks like in the section below.


Blazer Fit and Comfort

A blazer’s shoulder seams should sit at the edge of your shoulders. Even if you don’t plan to button the blazer, do make sure that you can. Back vents should not spread. If a blazer feels constricting, put it back. Lastly, the sleeve shouldn’t end before your wrist or at your fingertips.

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The best blazers for men are styled either Euro fit or Classic fit. Euro, AKA slim fit, is cut to show off the body. The classic, AKA American fit, is cut with a more relaxed silhouette.

Now scroll on through and check out a list of our best blazers for men that will act as your ultimate wingman over the summer, winter or whenever you feel like dressing up a bit.


1. J. Crew Ludlow Legacy Blazer


For a classic navy blazer that will never let you down, go with this crisply designed J. Crew option. The Ludlow line of suiting (modern and slimmed-down but not too tight) already changed how guys get dressed for formal occasions, and this crisp, versatile navy blazer is no different. It’s made with Italian wool, making it perfect for colder temperatures, and the color wears well with anything in your wardrobe.

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Courtesy of J. Crew


2. Bonobos Knit Blazer


You only need to step outside your house and see the ubiquitous yoga pants and joggers trend to understand that stretchy clothes are the future. In fact, it seems the menswear purveyors at Bonobos have known this for some time now, given the brand’s penchant for making expertly crafted stretch chinos and jeans. This unconstructed knit blazer is almost like wearing your favorite sweatshirt, yet with a much more polished look and plenty of stylish color options up for grabs. It’s also lightweight enough to wear through multiple seasons.

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Courtesy of Bonobos


3. Awearness Kenneth Cole AWEAR-TECH Black Extreme Slim Fit Suit Separates Coat


A black blazer can be incorporated into anyone’s personal style, so it’s definitely on the list of best blazers for men. Thoughtfully created, this wool-blend blazer has a built-in two-way stretch with cooling technology built into the fabric, just in case you get a little sweaty when you’re wearing a blazer.

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Courtesy of Men's Wearhouse


4. Billy Reid Archie Jacket


The best blazers for men really are a bit of an investment, when you think about it. After all, the right blazer is a piece you can wear on the weekend as well as to the office without missing a beat, and we think Billy Reid nails the proper specs with this wool-blend herringbone blazer. The fabric should prove soft and comfortable, while the more casual patch pockets mean you can wear it with jeans as well as chinos.

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Courtesy of Billy Reid


5. Polo Ralph Lauren Soft Linen Sportcoat


Looking for a sport coat you can wear in a more temperate climate, or perhaps something you can even layer a cashmere sweater underneath? Leave it to the iconic menswear purveyors at Ralph Lauren to come up with a handsome blazer in a soft, lightweight fabric that’ll breath easily and provide sharp style for years. Even the Dark Navy color is a cut above other classic blazers for men in terms of style points, and the natural shoulder design is flattering on any guy.

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Courtesy of Ralph Lauren


6. Reiss Wool-Blend Checked Slim Fit Blazer


This UK-based clothing company has among its fans, the younger Royal set. They, like most shoppers, enjoy the brand’s wallet-friendly price points and flair. Reiss uses the tenets of exemplary British tailoring and infuses it with a contemporary and chic sensibility. The result is clothing that deftly mixes trends with heritage styles, like this wool check blazer. Reiss calls this look “smart casual,” but we’ll call it versatile. Barring making its appearance at a wedding, there really isn’t any place or occasion that you won’t look out of place wearing it. It has a classic two-button closure for when you’re standing and looks effortlessly cool on most silhouettes. You better try this one out for yourself.

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Courtesy of Reiss


7. Uniqlo Comfort Jacket


If you’re looking for a great price and color combination, you’ve found it. You can never, ever go wrong owning a navy blazer, especially one at a price like this one. They can be worn with any color pants, and go anywhere. Dress this two-button front blazer with jeans and a graphic tee on the weekends out with friends, and with dark chinos and a button-up shirt for work or school. Note the comfortable stretch fabric for some added polish on the go.

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Courtesy of Uniqlo


8. XSuit Corporate Black Jacket


Like the navy blazer, the black blazer is on the best men’s blazers list because it’s another versatile item to have. XSuit’s blazer has a classic silhouette, so you can wear it season after season. XSuit’s black blazer is made for comfort with four-way stretch fabric that’s also stain resistant.

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Courtesy of Xsuit


9. Lululemon New Venture Jacket


At times, a blazer can take the place of a lightweight bomber jacket. Lululemon’s New Venture Jacket is water-repellant, made from a lightweight fabric that doesn’t crush or wrinkle and even has eyelets for ventilation, making it perfect for insane commutes and long days traveling. It even provides security with an internal pocket and the outer pockets zip close. You’ll look pretty dapper if you need to dress up a little bit on your socially distanced travels, making it one of the best casual blazers for men.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Lululemon


10. SuitSupply Light Brown Havana Jacket


Sure, wearing one of the best blazers for men naturally makes you feel a bit more elevated and refined, but this SuitSupply jacket is just a bit different. Call it a next-level style move, what with its soft-shouldered design, its exquisite tailoring and the sort of effortless cool that works well with wool trousers in the winter or cream-colored chinos and suede loafers in the spring and summer. It’s an investment not to be missed out on.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of SuitSupply


11. Rowing Blazers Herringbone Blazer


Have you ever noticed in a lot of movies, the leading man, either Owen Wilson or an Owen Wilson-type, wears a slightly rumpled yet good-looking blazer throughout the movie? Whether he’s wandering around Parisian flea markets, or walking through the streets of Boston, there’s that blazer. It really needs its own billing. For our money’s worth, no one embodies old-school cool and modern style when it comes to the best men’s blazers than, well, Rowing Blazers. We love the cool, cold-weather-minded herringbone fabric, for good measure. Plus, it’s well-tailored and designed to play second fiddle to its wearer. We’re also fans of the patch pockets, too.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Rowing Blazers


12. Five Four Nomad Blazer


The tailored blazer goes relaxed and even more functional or the weekend. The key here is the use of stretch fabric for comfort on the go, in style, plus the sharp navy color: If you only have room to pack one jacket to wear to the office and then off on a weekend road trip, make it a blazer that’s actually more of a travel jacket. Note the side slash hip pockets for easy storage of your everyday carry, plus the tailored slim fit.  Best of all is the nearly unbeatable price.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of New Republic


14. Banana Republic Perfect Flannel Jacket


One of the great things about playing around with fashion is realizing how easy it is to take yourself out of a fashion rut. Stop grabbing that jacket that you always pick on your way out the door, and switch it up with a blazer instead, especially one in a cool Glenplaid. Here, we love the flannel fabric and the classic patch pocket design, and the fact that it’s from a revamped Banana Republic is all the better, too.

Better still is the fact that this stylish blazer for men is classic yet slim cut and the neutral color really makes it easy to wear it with anything you own. Seriously, anything. You know it’s going to look good with jeans, cords and chinos, right? Mix it up and try it with joggers or track pants with sneakers, it will look awesome.

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Courtesy of Banana Republic


14. Indochino Howell Wool Stretch Blazer


While there’s no denying the classic nature of a navy blazer, there’s always room in your closet for casual blazers for men in other shades, like a clean, sharp shade of grey. This jacket is also fashioned from a seasonally friendly stretch wool, but the grey color in particular means you can style it with everything from olive chinos to dark blue jeans to tan corduroy trousers.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Indochino


15. Todd Snyder Knit Madison Sport Coat


Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time is anxiety-inducing, to say the least. Not only do you have to smile all the time, and look happy, you can’t let their parents know that you’re nervous or sweating. Wearing this beautifully tailored blazer with a flattering unstructured design, in a rich olive color, is like putting on a magic suit that gives you confidence. That’s the thing about wearing something really well-tailored, once you have it on, it makes you feel powerful, cool and almost like a superhero. The Italian-made construction and 100 percent cotton fabric make it wearable in any season.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Todd Snyder


16. Bonobos Unconstructed Italian Wool Blazer


Guys should have three blazers at the ready in his closet: blue, khaki and black. Blazers in those three colors will take you through a multitude of seasons and events. Made with super soft lightweight Italian wool, Bonobos’ unconstructed blazer is urbane, handsome and was designed to fit every body type perfectly. It also comes in three different cuts: athletic, standard and slim.

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of Bonobos


17. State and Liberty Athletic Fit Stretch Blazer


If you’re the type of guy who hits the gym, or who just has a naturally broad set of shoulders and a naturally broad build, search for a stylish blazer for men that suits your body type. That’s where State and Liberty comes into play, with a design that’s flattering on athletic frames, not to mention one featuring a ton of ultra-comfortable stretch fabric (plus stylish color options like a sleek Heathered Navy).

Lazy loaded image
Courtesy of State and Liberty


18. Taylor Stitch Sheffield Sportcoat


The rugged style masters at Taylor Stitch also have you covered when it comes to more tailored affairs, believe it or not, with the perfectly cut and exceptionally classic Sheffield Sportcoat. This jacket features a timeless 2.5-inch notch lapel, plus eye-catching Wool-blend fabric that’s ideal for the colder months. Throw in other tried-and-true sportcoat details (like patch pockets and a tailored fit, plus an unstructured shoulder), and you’ve got one of the best blazers for men in your rotation right now.

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Courtesy of Taylor Stitch


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