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We Tested & Reviewed the 10 Best Boxer Briefs That Women Want You to Wear in 2022

The best boxer briefs are some of the most comfortable underwear for stylish, grown-up dudes. Not only are boxer briefs the most secure, comfortable and versatile undies out there, but they’re also hugely favored by women. GQ conducted a survey to find out which kind of underwear women want to see on their men, and the answer was clear. Boxer briefs claimed a landslide victory with 64% of women saying they prefer boxer briefs over boxers, trunks and briefs. It’s true, boxer briefs are some of the sexiest underwear for men to exist.

The boxer brief trend is nothing new. It started back in the ’90s with Mark Wahlberg’s notorious Calvin Klein ads. Since then, the fitted underwear has become the go-to for many dudes, and Calvin Klein still makes some of the best boxer briefs in the world. However, there are now dozens of other worthy boxer briefs on the market, all made from soft fabrics that keep your business cozy and secure all day long.

All in all, boxer briefs are simply the best underwear, period. How do we know this? Because we’ve been testing boxer briefs for the past couple of years to settle what is the best pair of boxer briefs once and for all. You’re welcome.

We tested over 25 unique underwear brands to formulate the right opinion. That’s not all: We even tested over 100 pairs of underwear in the process.

Below, you can check out all of the boxer briefs we tested and stand by. Find the best of the best option for you now.

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Tyler Schoeber | SPY


The Best Boxer Briefs at a Glance

1. Best Overall: SAXX Boxer Briefs — $32.00 at SAXX

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2. Runner Up: Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief — $28.00 at Mack Weldon

3. Best Upgrade: Jockey ActiveBlend Boxer Brief — Starting at $21.90 on Amazon

4. Ultra-Soft: Banana Republic Supima Stretch Boxer Briefs — $20.00 at Banana Republic

5. Best Underwear Subscription: MeUndies Boxer Briefs — Starting at $18.00 at MeUndies

6. Extremely Breathable: Shinesty Boxer Briefs — Starting at $16.99 at Shinesty

7. No-Stink Option: BN3TH Boxer Briefs — $35.00 at BN3TH

8. Best Anti-Chafe: Hanes Sport Men’s X-Temp Boxer Brief — $18.48 for 3 pairs on Amazon

9. Eco-Friendly Pick: In Common The Better Boxer Brief — $50.00 for 5 pairs at In Common

10. Solid Choice: Everlane Boxer Brief — $24.00 at Everlane


What Are Boxer Briefs?

It might seem like a silly question, but there are so many different styles of men’s underwear out there that you might get a little confused. So what are boxer briefs anyway?

Technically, they’re a hybrid between crotch-level briefs (aka tightie-whities) and baggy boxers. This means they have security thanks to a snug fit that won’t bunch up like boxers, as well as a comfortable mid-thigh length. The hybrid design also makes boxer briefs the most flattering underwear by streamlining your behind, upper legs and crotch.

For men and women who like to see a tasteful bulge, boxer briefs bring the best of both worlds. They provide a flat profile when worn underneath pants but show off your goods when worn by themselves.


1. SAXX Boxer Briefs


Best For: Any person looking for the boxer briefs of all boxer briefs

Why We Chose It: This underwear simply blows others out of the water

  • Material: 95% moisture-wicking viscose fabric, 5% elastane
  • Longevity: Years and years
  • Callouts: Breathable fabric, moisture-wicking, BallPark Pouch, flat Out Seams

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Courtesy of SAXX

These boxer briefs right here are simply the best boxer briefs you can spend your money on. SAXX is known for using high-quality materials to provide maximum comfort where you need it most. The innovative BallPark pouch provides an ample amount of room and support for your jimmies that other boxer briefs simply don’t have. If comfort is your top priority, don’t look any further than these boxer briefs — we’ve been wearing them for years and they have not let us down.


2. Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief


Best For: Anyone looking for that perfect fit

Why We Chose It: They fit incredibly well and look excellent

  • Material: 47.5% cotton, 47.5% modal, 5% spandex
  • Longevity: Years and years
  • Callouts: No roll waistband, mesh cool zones, tagless, comfortable

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Courtesy of Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon began with the goal of upgrading men’s basics using high-quality materials and a straight-to-consumer shopping structure. The 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs are some of Mack Weldon’s highest-quality boxer briefs, and one of their best pieces. In our experience, these boxer briefs hug your body in a way that makes it feel like they were made entirely for you. Each pair is made with a blend of cotton, modal and spandex that is exceptionally soft to the touch and looks fantastic. Complete with a no-roll waistband and a no-rise leg, these will stay put no matter what. They’re slightly pricey, but for something as important as your first layer, we think it’s worth the investment.

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3. Jockey ActiveBlend Boxer Brief


Best For: Someone wanting more than one pair with a reliable fit and feel

Why We Chose It: They’re comfortable, good-looking when on and come in a multi-pack

  • Material: 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • Longevity: Estimated shelf life of one year or more
  • Callouts: Comfortable, affordable, comes in a multi-pack, moisture-wicking

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Courtesy of Amazon

Jockey has stepped up their game lately, especially with their ActiveBlend Boxer Briefs. This ultra-cozy multi-pack is perfect for people who need to replenish their underwear stock. It comes with four different pairs in various shades that are both affordable and comfortable enough for wearing all day long. We’ve been fans of Jockey for a long time, but these boxer briefs truly take the cake. In our experience, they wick moisture pretty well and act as an excellent pair of undies to wear underneath your swimsuit if that’s your jam.


4. Banana Republic Supima Stretch Boxer Briefs


Best For: Anyone looking for a cozy pair of undies that feel great on your skin

Why We Chose It: They’re comfortable and well-constructed

  • Material: 93% Supima cotton, 7% lycra
  • Longevity: Estimated shelf life of one year or more
  • Callouts: Very soft, consciously-sourced

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Courtesy of Banana Republic

Supima cotton is a long staple fiber which makes it softer than regular cotton. Once you touch these Supima cotton boxer briefs, you’re going to want to get your legs and crotch on them, too. That’s why Banana Republic made these boxer briefs. These have been a favorite of ours for years now through testing solely due to just how cozy they are. While they don’t have many qualities that place them above and beyond other underwear, the softness alone makes them a favorite forever.


5. MeUndies Boxer Briefs


Best For: Anyone looking for a new pair of underwear more often than others

Why We Chose It: They’re available in cool colors and patterns, fit great and are available for purchase as a subscription

  • Material: 92% MicroModal, 8% elastane
  • Longevity: Estimated shelf life of one year or more
  • Callouts: Very soft, fun patterns, offers subscription service, sizes up to 4XL

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Courtesy of MeUndies

MeUndies is the underwear subscription service of all underwear subscription services. These uber-soft undies are available in several different patterns and styles for folks of all preferences — so you’ll find a pair you love whether you prefer subtle to adventurous. Upon trying for ourselves, one thing that stood out was the material.

These are a blend of spandex and MicroModal (a sustainably-sourced fiber that quite literally comes from beechwood trees) and are beyond cozy for all-day wear. They’re created to be static-resistant and breathable for sweaty moments, but we don’t suggest these be your gym undies because they aren’t technically moisture-wicking.


6. Shinesty Boxer Briefs


Best For: Those looking for fun patterns at larger sizes and for those who tend to get a little sweaty downstairs

Why We Chose It: This is the largest size we’ve seen boxer briefs available

  • Material: 100% MicroModal
  • Longevity: Estimated shelf life of one year or more
  • Callouts: Sizes up to 5XL, funky patterns, breathable, Ball Hammock pouch

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Courtesy of Shinesty

Shinesty is a subscription brand just like MeUndies, but just like MeUndies, you don’t have to worry about subscribing if that’s not your vibe. But if your vibe is funky patterns, larger sizes and softer than soft materials that can wick sweat, Shinesty should be your go-to. These are some of the most comfortable boxer briefs to wear at the gym because of their moisture-wicking properties and the fact they stay put on your legs. The only issue we noticed after testing is that we needed to fix our junk a little more frequently than we would prefer.


7. BN3TH Boxer Briefs


Best For: Those worried about downstairs stink

Why We Chose It: The no-stink capabilities truly work and these boxer briefs stay in place

  • Material: 82% polyester, 7% IONIC+ polyester, 11% spandex
  • Longevity: Estimated shelf life of one year or more
  • Callouts: No-stink technology, stays put, chafe-free, breathable, supportive

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Courtesy of BN3TH

The word “no-stink” is a massive claim. But it’s one that we can absolutely back. BN3TH’s boxer briefs are a pair you can wear for days on end and never be able to smell yourself. The IONIC+ polyester material kills stink before it even starts and while we’re still not 100% sure how that even works, we’re not going to question it because it works so well. These are also some excellent boxer briefs to wear when working out because of how easily they wick moisture and keep you feeling fresh. For those of you into extra-long boxer briefs, these have a 6.5-inch inseam for more coverage.


8. Hanes Sport Men’s X-Temp Boxer Brief


Best For: People looking for affordable underwear from a reputable brand

Why We Chose It: Hanes stepped up their game tremendously

  • Material: 92% polyester, 8% spandex
  • Longevity: 8–12 months
  • Callouts: Comfortable, updated, affordable

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Courtesy of Amazon

We’re going to be honest. If this was five years ago, we would have never included Hanes in this roundup. But Hanes just changed the game with the X-Temp Boxer Briefs and these are unlike any pair of Hanes we’ve put on. They stay put the entire day without ever riding up. This is the case no matter what you’re doing, too. Workouts, walks, sits, whatever — these boxer briefs will stay put. They’re not as stretchy as others but they are anti-chafe, which makes up for it. In addition, the material is rather thin, but they come in an affordable multi-pack so you’ll always have multiple pairs on hand.


9. In Common The Better Boxer Brief


Best For: People prioritizing sustainability in their purchases

Why We Chose It: They’re eco-conscious and quite cozy

  • Material: 93% modal, 7% recycled spandex
  • Longevity: 6–8 months
  • Callouts: Sustainable, come in a variety-pack, moisture-wicking

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Courtesy of In Common

In Common’s The Better Boxer Briefs focus on being more sustainable by using modal, a fiber that uses less water and energy in manufacturing than traditional cotton, as well as using recycled spandex. On top of being more eco-conscious, they are one of the more affordable pairs of boxer briefs at $50 for a 5-pack. Each pair of boxer briefs feels cozy when on and has both moisture-wicking and no-stink capabilities. We will say that in comparison to BN3TH, the no-stink function isn’t as great, but it still works pretty well for underwear.


10. Everlane Boxer Brief


Best For: People who like a minimalistic look to their boxer briefs

Why We Chose It: They’re a cozy, basic and have a 365-day guarantee

  • Material: 93% Supima cotton, 7% elastane
  • Longevity: 6–8 months
  • Callouts: Comfortable, 365-day guarantee, super soft

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Courtesy of Everlane

The minimalist look is very big right now, especially for professional dudes. Everlane is one of the leaders in this trend with no-frills pieces such as these streamlined boxer briefs. They have zero branding or designs, just a Supima cotton-spandex blend material and a great fit. In our experience, these fit great but do start to shrink over time. Additionally, they do not make it the entire year, which can be swapped for a new pair if you’re within their 365-day guarantee but doesn’t bode well for those that want to trust these will last at least a year.


What to Consider Before Buying the Best Men’s Boxer Briefs

Even though boxer briefs are the most popular men’s underwear, you’ll want to consider if it’s the correct style for you. Maybe you’re more of a boxers type that has more room, maybe you’re more of a briefs type and prefer a tighter fit and boxer briefs are somewhere in between boxers and briefs in terms of fit.

Another important aspect to consider: What do you want out of a pair of boxer briefs? Do you plan on wearing these to the gym? Do you sweat more than the average guy? Are you into sustainable materials? Are there any materials you like more than others? Do you prefer longer boxer briefs to shorter boxer briefs?


How We Tested the Best Boxer Briefs

When ranking the best boxer briefs, we looked primarily at three factors: material, price and longevity. While you can find premium and designer boxer briefs, we ruled out pairs that were over $100 because in our experience you can get an amazing pair of boxer briefs and not have to spend that amount. The best boxer briefs are made with either premium cotton, a blend of cotton and synthetic materials as well as elastic material like spandex. When talking about longevity, your boxer briefs must make it through as many washes as they realistically should. One or two washes should in no way damage them.

When testing, just like we did for our review roundup for the best men’s underwear, we chose to consider several differently weighted categories to determine the best pair you can purchase, which you can check out below.

  • Color Options: We want you to not only feel good in your boxer briefs but look good, too.
  • Special Qualities: Did these underwear options have any special qualities like moisture-wicking properties, anti-chafe efforts or more? We took into consideration if the boxer briefs had these qualities and gave them a few points extra for going beyond the outdated plain pair of cotton boxer briefs.
  • Softness/Comfort: Need we say more? You want to be comfortable in your underwear.
  • Breathability: Nobody wants to swim in their boxer brief sweat all day.
  • Longevity: You don’t want to purchase a pair of underwear for it to fall apart after one wash, do you?
  • Fit: Your underwear should fit you, especially wash after wash.
  • Material: Because, again, you need to be comfortable!

The SPY team has tested around 100 different pairs of underwear and over 25 different brands in the past few years. For this guide, we chose the 10 best options you should consider. We will continue to update this guide as we test new products.


About the Author: Tyler Schoeber

Tyler Schoeber is SPY’s E-Commerce & Special Projects Editor. In addition to testing boxer briefs, he has also tested men’s underwear in total, men’s T-shirts, unisex fragrances and more. Tyler is also the brain behind SPY’s social media pages and even shoots photo projects for SPY. Before joining SPY, Tyler covered stories relating to grooming, men’s fashion, travel gear and more at travel sites such as Jetsetter and Smarter Travel.


Updates: This review was last updated on June 28, 2022. We updated this post to better align with our testing results after testing all the boxer briefs we mentioned handling. As of now, our top three sit as the SAXX Boxer Briefs, Mack Weldon 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs and Jockey ActiveBlend Boxer Briefs for their dynamic qualities and mega-comfortable fit.


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