Keep Your Private Parts Comfortable With These 10 Pairs of Boxers

best boxer shorts for men
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Recently, many guys have been making the switch to boxers. If you’re in need of an underwear re-up, we suggest considering the baggier undies as well. Alternatively, if you’re already a die-hard boxer wearer, scroll down to see our ranking of the best.

Owning an arsenal of comfortable, high-quality underwear is the most essential part of a man’s wardrobe. You put them on first thing in the morning after the shower, and maybe even sleep in them. Underwear also has the most important job; covering your precious pieces and keeping them comfortable throughout the day. For this reason, selecting the right undies (and maybe spending a little extra) is imperative.

Guys have been choosing looser boxers over briefs, and it’s easy to understand why. They provide much more room down there, and often have more material for better coverage. Plus, wearing baggy boxers actually has medical benefits too: looser-fitting underwear can increase your sperm count. When your testes can hang freely, their temperature stays slightly lower, producing healthier sperm.

If you’re ready to give boxers a try, or you just need to re-stock, check out our favorites below.

1. Polo Ralph Lauren Boxer


Catch these best-selling boxers on celebrities including Justin Bieber and Gucci Mane, or in your stylish grandpa’s underwear drawer. They’re incredibly comfortable with a simple knit cotton build and plenty of room, but they’re also classically styled. The low-key dark colors contrast well with the statement-making Polo Ralph Lauren labeled waist-band, giving the undies the right balance of subtlety and class. They’re slightly more expensive than budget boxers, but for something you’ll wear all day, every day, it’s money well spent.

Grey Underwear Ralph Lauren Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Tommy Hilfiger Knit Boxer


Having a bold designer logo on your boxers has been a trend in men’s fashion for decades now. We like Tommy Hilfiger peeking out of our pants’ waistband because the brand has seen a major comeback recently in a wave of 80s/90s nostalgia. These boxers are a great way to rep the brand, and they come in a few solid colors to fit your look. We suggest the bright French blue or mahogany for a true 80s vibe.

Blue Underwear Tommy Hilfiger Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Fruit of the Loom Boxer


In terms of bang-for-your-buck, this Fruit of the Loom five-pack is the winner. For around $17, depending on your size and color choices, you get five pairs of underwear. And while they’re very inexpensive, reviewers say the boxers actually have some lasting quality and a comfortable fit. They also feature Fruit of the Loom’s ‘Dual Defense Technology,’ which wicks moisture and keeps that stink away, ensuring that you’ll still be fresh at the end of the day.

Plaid Boxers Pack Men's Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Stacy Adams Big and Tall Boxers


Big guys sometimes have a tough time finding good underwear that fits properly. For the big and tall, we recommend these boxers from Stacy Adams. They come in sizes up to 4X-large, ensuring a comfortable fit for even the biggest dudes. Besides the large sizes, the comfort of these shorts is thanks to a balanced spandex-polyester construction that provides some stretch and moisture-wicking antimicrobial fibers.

Boxers Underwear Big and Tall Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Hanes Tagless Tartan Boxer


Amazon reviewers have spoken (more than 3000 of them in fact): Hanes’ tagless boxers are the most comfortable on the market. One reviewer even says the boxers are as comfortable as wearing no underwear at all. This is partially due to Hanes’ beloved tagless design, which eliminates the scratchiness a tag can have on your backside. A 55% cotton, 45% polyester construction also helps this lighter-than-air feel.

Plaid Boxers Pack Hanes Image courtesy of Amazon


6. IZOD Cotton Knit Boxer


We think the ideal boxers should be grown-up, but still slightly playful. This assortment of IZOD boxers nails that middle ground with some low-key patterns and a logo waistband. They’re something you won’t mind taking off in front of, say, a new partner, but you’ll have more fun putting them on than you would with all-black, branding-free boxers. Plus, at $18 for a four-pack, they’re well-priced too.

Men's Underwear Boxers Izod Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Adidas Climalite Boxer Brief


Ok, technically these are boxer briefs – not boxers – but if you’re an avid boxer-wearer, you need a good pair of athletic boxer briefs for exercising. Regular boxers will bunch up, get sweaty and limit movement, so we recommend having these Adidas Climalite boxer briefs at the ready. They feature a polyester-spandex fabric, a no-ride-up construction and a plush, secure waistband to let you perform your best at the gym, on a run or during a sport.

Workout Underwear Adidas Image courtesy of Amazon


8. Lazy One Pun Boxers


Underwear offer a unique opportunity to work a joke into your outfit. These boxers from Lazy One come with options for five pun jokes that are sure to get a laugh. They make especially good gifts for any bros, dads or family, and reviewers say they actually fit very comfortably too. Just don’t accidentally wear them when you get lucky.

Funny Underwear Mens' Joke Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Beverly Hills Polo Club Knit Boxer


For some eye-catching undies, go for this pack of colorful boxers from Beverly Hills Polo Club. They feature a tag-free, comfort flex waistband that won’t get itchy or annoying after a long day, as well as a soft touch, heat transfer fabric to keep your downstairs cool. But obviously, the real reason we like these boxers are for the bright solid colors that make choosing a pair of undies a little more fun.

Colorful Boxers Beverly Hills Polo Image courtesy of Amazon


10. TexereSilk Silk Boxers


Want to feel like royalty? Try wearing these silk boxers. They’re significantly more expensive than most boxers at $36 a pair, but they’re great as a once in a while treat or loungewear. The fancy drawers are made of 100% silk and feature french seams that blend the sewing for zero scratchiness. However, be sure to properly care for these boxers; hand-washing is recommended, or be sure to use a delicate cold cycle in the washing machine.

Silk Boxers Men's Image courtesy of Amazon

The 10 Best Pairs Of Underwear For Every Guy