Our Editors’ 9 Favorite Canada Goose Jackets Of The Winter Season

Canada Goose Jackets
Courtesy of Canada Goose

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Winter is nothing without Canada Goose. Just take a step onto a New York City subway in the dead of January and you’ll understand what we mean. A sea of Canada Goose puffer jackets covering AirPodded city-dwellers to help them combat frigid temps as far as the eye can see. Same goes for uber chilly Chicago natives, snowy Colorado kids and all you folks up north in the brand’s namesake itself, good ‘ole Canada.

While Canada Goose might be extremely popular for aesthetic purposes, there’s no way we can deny how powerful the brand’s products actually are. When we say that these coats and jackets are warm, boy, do we mean it. These are some of the most world-class insulated jackets on Earth, with the ability to withstand temperatures deep into the negatives. Canada Goose products are also typically created with a variety of details to combat harsh climates, such as fur-lined hoods, chin guards, drawcords, rib cuffs and more.

While folks might be hesitant about the price (because Canada Goose products can go over a grand most of the time), we like to think of Canada Goose as a sort of investment. Think of it as a mattress. It’s said that you spend at least one-third of your life sleeping in bed, so you don’t want to spend less on an uncomfortable mattress. It’s something you get to ensure you’re good to go for years to come. That’s the same idea with coats and jackets from Canada Goose. Sure, they’re pricy, but for folks living in colder climates or go through at least one winter a year, these are products worth splurging on.

In recent years, Canada Goose has been working on an initiative to make its products more sustainable. The brand has released a number of sustainable styles that include undyed fabrics, minimal chemical use and less water. In addition, the brand has also stopped buying new fur in 2022.

Of course, there will always be Canada Goose alternatives for those who don’t want to spend the big bucks, but believe us when we tell you Canada Goose is worth the price you pay. Our editors are obsessing over everything Canada Goose this winter, so check out some of our team favorites below.

1. Canada Goose Standard Expedition Parka

Canada Goose’s all-new Standard Expedition Parka is part of the brand’s initiative to push more sustainably made clothing in their line of apparel. Using recycled and organic materials with undyed fabric, this cozy parka isn’t only sustainable, but it’s also built for extreme temperatures heading down to 22°F. “White and arctic-snow-inspired colorways have been one of the biggest winter fashion trends in 2021/2022,” gushes our site director Tim Werth, “and there’s something so eye-catching and stark about these designs.”

Canada Goose Standard Expedition Parka Courtesy of Canada Goose


2. Canada Goose Shelburne Parka

“I recently bought my first Canada Goose parka and it left me wondering, ‘What took me so long?!'”, says our VP of E-Commerce at Penske Media Corporation Jamie Miles, “I’ve never felt so impermeable to the cold. I am truly not made for New York winters, and yet when I wear this parka, I feel so comfortable it’s as if I’m lounging in a room temperature climate. I no longer dread going outside on frigid days. Another great perk? It has built-in backpack straps so when you’re at the grocery store or anywhere indoors you can wear it on your back for a great hands-free option. I can’t say enough wonderful things about this jacket and I only wish that I had splurged on it years ago!”

Canada Goose Shelburne Parka Courtesy of Canada Goose


3. Canada Goose Faber Bomber Jacket

Living in a warmer climate? No worries, Canada Goose has you covered. “It doesn’t exactly get cold in LA. Ever. So when I’m looking for a coat, I don’t need something that can survive the tundra, I need something lightweight and stylish that can help me out should the mercury dip below 50°F,” our assistant managing editor James Schiff tells us. “CG’s Faber Bomber Jacket ticks those boxes and then some. It’s damn good looking, comes in a slew of handsome colors that are easy to match and can handle frigid temps should I ever venture to Big Bear or Mammoth for a little snowy adventure. Plus, it’s water-resistant, so if it ever rains in LA again, I’ll be covered.”

Canada Goose Faber Bomber Jacket Courtesy of Canada Goose


4. Canada Goose Cropped Snow Mantra Parka For Angel Chen

“My heart literally fluttered when I first laid eyes on Canada Goose’s Snow Mantra Parka for Angel Chen,” our e-commerce editor Nina Bradley obsesses. “The avant-garde design, the wide sleeves, the unconventional option of wearing it upside down — all immediately spoke to me. I love it black, it’s also great in Fortune Red — but, the Blossom Yellow is absolutely breathtaking.” Who said winter jackets had to be anything but eclectic? Nobody.

Canada Goose Cropped Snow Mantra Parka For Angel Chen Courtesy of Canada Goose


5. Canada Goose Winslow Coat Black Label

“I’ll be honest, I have steered clear from Canada Goose for a long time due to its ostentatious obsession with flaunting fur and feathers, but now that the brand has dropped the use of new fur from its lineup and will sell exclusively reclaimed fur already in the supply chain, I feel like it’s time to reward the company’s step forward with a purchase,” says our managing editor Barret Wertz. “I still intend on using my wallet for good by only purchasing designs that remain entirely free of animal byproducts, which is why one of my favorite new designs is this classic, chic, understated Winslow trench-style coat. It is a perfect three-season coat I can get a lot of mileage out of.”

Canada Goose Winslow Coat Black Label Courtesy of Canada Goose


6. Canada Goose Trillium Parka

“In terms of my favorite thing from Canada Goose, I have to go with this Trillium Parka,” our senior e-commerce editor Taylor Galla tells us. “I spend a good amount of my year in a super cold place, and this parka saves me on days when it’s well below freezing. It remains stylish even with the bulky layers, and the quintessential CG patch on the side is a nice touch. It’s super heavy, though, so make sure you use the wooden hanger it comes with.”

Canada Goose Trillium Parka Courtesy of Canada Goose


7. Canada Goose Langford Parka

“Sure, the Langford Parka might be on the backs of many considering it’s a Canada Goose best-seller, but, baby, it’s a best-seller for a reason,” our e-commerce & special projects editor Tyler Schoeher explains. “I definitely have a busier sense of style when it comes to my day-to-day looks, so I like my coats and jackets to tone me down a bit when I’m out and about. The Langford Parka is a common coat seen throughout the city, almost making it quintessential New York. For that, I’m low-key obsessed with the power it holds to turn me into the do-not-talk-to-me type of pedestrian roaming around the city streets.”

Canada Goose Langford Parka Courtesy of Canada Goose


8. Canada Goose Hybridge Weyburn Hoody

“Honestly, I’ve never worn anything from Canada Goose. I’m far from being the most fashionable-minded person given I cover the tech beat, but if I had to pick one thing from its collection, it has to be the Hybridge Weyburn Hoody,” our tech editor John Velasco mentions. “I’m a sucker for fitted jackets with a hood, and this one certainly meets the criteria. It’s not too puffy either, which I appreciate because the last thing I want is added bulk.”

Canada Goose Hybridge Weyburn Hoody Courtesy of Canada Goose


9. Canada Goose Legacy Jacket Reversible Reflective Black Label

Our site director Tim Werth simply couldn’t let you go without expressing his love for one more Canada Goose must-have. “Colorblock designs are another big trend in the outerwear world, and I love the color combinations on this puffer coat,” Tim tells us. “It’s the kind of investment piece that people are going to compliment everywhere you go. And for the price tag, you better get compliments.”

Canada Goose Legacy Jacket Reversible Reflective Black Label Courtesy of Canada Goose


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